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Sigil of Nibhaz - Provenance UnknownSigil of Asmoday - GoetiaTo give a better idea of the difference between the courts of Media and The Game, I have decided to examine how each Prince would handle the Demon of Propaganda and the Demon of Post Truth.

Some background:

  • Both are Balseraphs
  • Both inluence politics
  • Both are Wordbound
  • Propaganda has been around since 500 BC
  • Post Truth is a newly minted term

The Asmodean Approach

To Asmodeus, Propaganda is a powerful, pervasive, and enduring Word which encompasses Post Truth. Given the (mostly) hierarchical nature of the Asmodean court, that means that Propaganda almost certainly holds the higher rank.

A peek at Superiors: Asmodeus reveals that he already has a Demon who is similar to both, the Balseraph of Neurolinguistic Programming. Using this demon as a mid-point I would suspect that the hierarchy would look something like this:

  • Demon of Propaganda, Duke of Arkham
  • Demon of Neurolinguistic Programming, Count of Sapir-Whorf
  • Demon of Post Truth, Bishop Baron of Justice in the Americas

In other words, the Demon of Post Truth would wield considerable power, and his bishopric would free him from a lot of the costs of exerting that power, but he would still be subordinate to the other two demons.

The Nybban Approach

Nybbas doesn’t care about scope or endurance. He is interested in what has captured the public imagination right now. Post Truth is the hip new thing. Sure, he basically does the same exact thing as the Demon of Propaganda, but nobody calls it propaganda anymore. Propaganda is on its way out as a word in the media.

That means both would be Moguls, but since and Post Truth gets more time in the board room, he’d be treated as higher status… at least until Alternate Facts replaces him.

The Nattering Nabob of Propaganda

Propaganda might even have earned Nybbas negative distinction of Nabob. This would have the effect of lowering Propaganda’s authority within Perdition, but increasing the demon’s status everywhere else.

Basically Nabobs are Moguls who are in disfavor. Demons in Perdition just see their Prince’s disfavor, but everyone else sees a demon who doesn’t need Nybbas’ favor to be a powerful figure in Media.


It’s also possible to split the difference, with Propaganda serving Asmodeus and Post Truth serving Nybbas. This would certainly be a more favorable outcome for all the demons involved, but it would also put Post Truth and Propaganda in more direct conflict (as each would feel that the other should be subordinate).

Alternately, you could give one, the other, or both to Malphas. Because they’re both Wordbound, the Prince of Factions wouldn’t give either one a Higher Distinction.

Whatever you do, have fun.