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tumblr_obct2ea33b1u9djyco1_1280Roses are red
Violets are blue
This verse is banal
And your writings are too

Contrary to popular belief, Bavian is a fantastic poet – so good that he almost managed to usurp the whole of Lord Koroidia‘s essence supply. Unfortunately for Bavian, he did not play the patronage game as well as the demon he hoped to unseat.

When it came time for investiture, Kobal requested that Lucifer give Bavian stewardship of Bad Poetry, a Word he has been saddled with until this day. Further, Bavian is now compelled to recite or transcribe bad poetry whenever he tries to speak, sing, or write meaningfully.

Bavian, Demon of Bad Poetry, Baron of Hysteria

kobalCorporeal Forces: 3 [Str 6, Agi 6]
Ethereal Forces: 4 [Int 8, Pre 8]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 6, Per 10]

Vessel: Human/1, Charisma (Pleasant)/1
Role: Greeting Card Writer 4/4

Songs: Cacophony (Ethereal/3), Charm (Celestial/3), Plagues (Ethereal/3), Motion (Celestial/2), Possession/2, Revulsion (Ethereal/3), Symphony (Corporeal/3), Tongues (Corporeal/2, Celestial/2), Truth (Corporeal/2)
Skills: Artistry (Poet)/6, Dodge/3, Lying/4, Savoir Faire/4, Singing (Rap)/6, Small Weapons (Knives)/3

Attunements & Distinctions

  • Impudite of Dark Humor
  • Subliminal
  • Knight of Derision
  • Captain of Repartee
  • Baron of Hysteria
  • Demon of Bad Poetry


  • “Thomas” a 6-Force Familiar with a Ginger Cat Vessel 5/2
  • “Reynard” a 6-Force Familiar with a Red Fox Vessel 5/2
  • “Lenore” a 4-Force Familiar with a Black Raven Vessel 3/4


  • Tongue Tied (Bad Poetry)/6

Special Rite

Regain 1 Essence when you witness someone embarrass themself by publishing or reciting bad poetry.