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Sigil of Samigina - GoetiaSaminga is a specialist. He has no time for political theory or administrative restructuring. The rest of hell used a peerage system when he came to power, so that’s the system he uses. As with the more traditional Princes, his Dukes are all major landholders (and most are also powerful Wordbound). As long as they can keep his realm running and do not challenge him for power, the Prince of Death doesn’t much care what they do.

Duchies of Death

Be’er Shachat (Pit of Corruption)

The Duchy of Be’er Shachat overlaps what was once the domain of Beelzebub and later Makatiel. It is one of many duchies to border The Chasm. Illness and decay are among it’s greatest exports.

Dudael (Cauldron of God)

When Hell was nothing but a prison, it existed within the borders of Dudael. Most demons tend to forget just how much smaller the infernal realms once were, and not surprisingly either. Much of this land was once governed by Mariel, Prince of Oblivion.

Duzakh (Well of Monsters)

The Duchy of Duzakh borders both Dudael and The Chasm. As a result no one is quite sure if the name refers to the pit which demons appeared from; the pit into which deteriorating souls descend; or perhaps some other pit entirely, the very memory of which was taken by Oblivion.

Eretz Tachtit (Lowest Earth)

On the far side of Dudael exists Eretz Tachtit, a massive graveyard for the damned. Most demons would rather not be buried there, given what Saminga has been known to do with the dead, but their Superiors may not give them much choice.

Haguel (Place of Wasting)

Haguel is part of the vast Wasteland spanning Abbadon. While sparcely populated, it does have an outsized supply of hunters, trappers, and ravagers. It is one of the better places to track down hellbeasts or purchase illicit Forces.

Irkalla (Land of No Return)

The Duchy of Irkalla is located on the far side of the mountain range that makes up Abbadon’s spine. It is believed to be one of the few safe places in Abbadon for the departed, though not many make it past the journey to get there.

Mashchit (Place of Despoilers)

Before the Lilith opened the path to Earth or Uriel forged the first Malakim, a group of Habbalah christened themselves as hell’s gaolers. The Duchy of Mashchit is where they lived. No one knows what became of them, but their old home is little more than ruins overrun with the devolved souls of ravaged humans.

Neshiyyah (Oblivion)

The Duchy of Neshiyyah was once the seat of Mariel’s power. It borders both Dudael and Duzakh and is a regular stomping ground for Gluttons looking to feel important. Dumah’s mansions of silence are built near its border.

Sha’are Mayet (Gates of Death)

Sha’are Mayet is one of those strange Duchies that exists wherever it needs to exist. Sometimes it borders the great city of Hades, other times it exists outside the Gates of Hell, but most often the Duchy can be found somewhere in Abbadon’s Spine.

Tehom (The Abyss)

The Duchy of Tehom was carved out of Vephar’s vacant Principality. The residents specialize in drownings, hypothermia, scurvy, and other sources of death at sea.

Tit Ha-Yavin (Clinging Mud)

The Duchy of Tit Ha-Yavin is another of the Wasteland domains, though it is also punctuated by a large swamp on the edge of the Duchy of Tehom.

Tzalmavet (Shadow of Death)

The heart of Abbadon is Tzalmavet. It is here that Saminga has built his Bone Citadel; here where he draws the energies needed to animate the dead. Though the duchy is mostly barren, there is a great necropolis surrounding the Citadel. Regardless of where their domain is located, each Duke of death maintains at least one mausoleum close to their Prince.

Organizing Theme

I have actually built upon an existing theme when naming Saminga’s Duchies. If you look closely in Revelations III, you’ll see that one of Saminga’s nobles is the Marquis of Duat (which happens to be the land of the dead in Egyptian Mythology).

You could take this to be infernocentrism, with Saminga claiming other lands of the dead as subordinate to his own. However, I chose to interpret it in line with one of my other principles: that Marquis serve where one Superior’s domain overlaps another’s. Saminga’s domain is the land of the dead, Osiris’ is the Heliopolitan afterlife. The two overlap in Duat, making it a reasonable location for an infernal Marquis.

Saminga’s Duchies have been named after Semetic lands of the dead (where there is no overlap).