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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

Sometimes the human body itself is a source of wonder or terror. Mythology has many examples of gods and monsters characterized by their physical features, whether larger, smaller, duplicated, or missing altogether.

Beleth, Blandine, and Kobal are all particularly fond of these Numinous Corpus, but none have any special affinity. After all, everybody has a body.

Numinous Corpus…


This lengthens the point of the performer’s ears by ½” and grants +1 Perception for auditory rolls every level. It also gives the performer improve situational awareness, adding ½ level (round down) to Initiative.

At the GMs discretion, loud noises like those made by the Songs of Cacophony or Thunder can temporarily negate these bonuses.


This blanks out the performer’s face making their identity and expressions harder to read. Decrease the TN of Perception skill rolls that target the performer by the level. The performer suffers the same penalty to their own use of the Emote skill.


Ghost in the Shell (1995)


This causes the performer’s fingers to split and branch. While singing, the performer must decide if they are optimizing for computer use, electronics, engineering, lock picking, or a specific musical instrument. While active, all TNs and CDs with the chosen skill are increased by the song’s level but the performer will be considered equally Twitchy when making any other use of their hands


Alternately, you can treat Hair as a Tentacles variation


This lets the performer freely grow and control their hair. Savoir-Faire TNs are at a permanent +1 and the performer may gain other bonuses depending on how their hair is styled:

  • Bun – the performer may freely release their hair into any other style.
  • Dreads – the performer’s hair is good for reaching and grabbing
    (+level/2 Strength for grappling)
  • Fishtail – the performer’s hair may be swung like a flail
    (-1 Accuracy +level/2 Power)
  • Loose – the performer’s hair obscures their movements adding level/2 to Dodge
  • Pigtails – the performer’s hair may be snapped like a whip
    (+level/2 Accuracy, -1 Power)
  • Short – the performer must grow their hair out for a round before using any other ability
  • Tangled – the performer’s hair may snare other objects
    (+level/2 Strength for grappling)


This allows the performer to grow one extra head per level. These heads are mostly cosmetic. However, the performer may spend 1 Essence to take an additional action with one of the supplemental heads.

No two heads can sing a Song from the same domain. However, one can sing a Corporeal Song while another sings an Ethereal and a third sings a Celestial.

If the performer needs to resist a sleep effect (or something similar) the CD of a failed roll indicates how many heads succumb.


Rokurokubi from Yokai Hyaku Monogatri (1965)


This song allows the performer to swivel their head 360 degrees (granting +1 Perception to detect anything outside their normal field of vision). Each level past the first also allows it to stretch up to one yard.

This can allow other Numinous Corpus (such as Fangs or Horns) to be used at range, and I would be shocked if your players cannot find other practical uses.


This causes the demons nose to flare and grow to prodigious size. Each level grants +1 to Tracking and other sent based Perception rolls. It also grants ½ its level (round up) to Chemistry and Cooking rolls.


This makes the performers skin hypersensitive. The song increases tactile Precision & Perception TNs by the level. At level 5 the performer may also taste through their skin like a spider (allowing the performer to do things like test for poison by handling a piece of food). Any damage suffered from fire, acid, or Precision attacks will negate the bonuses and cause a Pain 1 effect until the end of the following round.

2nd Skin

Secret Song known only to Andrealphus and Vapula

This causes a rubber-like substance to coat the performer’s skin. It repels acid, water, and contact poisons – providing level Protection against damage from such sources. It starts repelling fire at level 3, and can be hermetically sealed at level 5 (completely negating any chance of natural infection).


Ink Mapping (2015)


This brings the performer’s tattoos to life and can cause new tattoos to create themselves spontaneously. Add half its level to Emote and relevant Performance TNs (rounded up). When the song ends the performer can chose whether to banish the tattoos or to fix them in place.

If the performer uses their tattoos to pass messages, it will be up to the GM to decide how subtle they’re being.