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The Ninnyhammer is a thoroughly impractical Relic. This great two-handed mallet (+4 power, -2 accuracy) contains the Ethereal Song of Charm. In order to target someone with the song, you must first swing the Ninnyhammer at them and miss.

Level: 4
Cost: 10 CP
Activation: 2 Essence, Physical Activity (as described), and Ethereal Forces +4

Rapier of Wit

The Rapier of Wit is one of those few Talismans that do not look particularly related to the skill they enhance. This fully functional rapier (which uses the same stats as a short sword) instead grants a bonus to Savoir Faire.

Level: Varies
Cost: 2 CP per level
Activation: None


The Slapstick is one of Kobal’s favorite combat Relics. This baton has -1 Accuracy. However, when it strikes someone, the wielder may Sing the Corporeal Song of Charm through it. Unfortunately, due to the cheap manufacture, any Disturbance caused by the Slapstick is doubled.

Level: 2
Cost: 2 CP
Activation: 2 Essence, Successful Small Weapons (Club) attack, and Corporeal Forces +2

Nit Whip

The Nit Whip was one of Kobal’s earlier inventions (or perhaps one of Beelzebub’s). While primarily meant to keep Jordi’s Soldiers and Servitors at bay, it can potentially be used against anyone. No one is quite sure what songs were woven into the Nit Whip, but it has properties of both the Song of Plagues and the Song of Pestilence and with a crack can be used to afflict anyone in sight with a terrible (and contagious) case of lice.

Level: 2
Cost: 6
Activation: 3 Essence and Corporeal Forces +2

Bastard Sword

Although the Celestial Song of Fruition is forbidden, Andrealphus, Asmodeus, and Kobal have each found ways to bind it into a long blade. Anyone cut with the weapon may be targeted with the Song, but most demons who have been entrusted with one know better than to breed their own offspring. Instead this weapon is usually used to give a rutting opponent a nasty surprise.

Level: Varies
Cost: 4 CP per Level