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orlojThe Orloj is a massive astronomical clock built in the city of Prague more than 600 years ago, and one of the oldest still functioning. The clock measures European time, old Czech time, sunrise, sunset, variable hour time, sidereal year (including equinoxes and astrological sun and moon signs), lunar phase. In addition to the clock face, there are four animated statues representing the great evils of vanity, gluttony, lust and death – and every hour doors above the clock face open to reveal a procession of the apostles.

Given the precision clockwork and the multitude of times the clock measures, the Orloj would make for an ideal tether to Kronos.

Legends of the Orloj

For a long time it was believed that the clock was built by Jan Růže – and that the Counselors of Prague has his eyes poked out so that he could never build another like it. The legend further goes that he sacrificed his own life to sabotage the clock. In truth, the clock was built by Mikuláš of Kadaň and Jan Šindel – but legends have power in the world of In Nomine, especially ones which last for hundreds of years.

The children’s novel Cabinet of Wonders (first in the Kronos Chronicles) offers a fantastic take on the story of Jan Růže, and further postulates that the clock was designed as a doomsday machine capable of controlling weather across Europe.

If you want the Orloj to be stronger than the typical Tether, you may want to give those sanding inside the clock tower a bonus to the following songs:

  • Celestial Song of Darkness
  • Corporeal Song of Entropy
  • All Songs of Storms
    (Even if these songs are normally excluded from your campaign)