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I was recently watching “The Backwater Gospel” with one of my friends, and postulated that the Undertaker from the short provided a good example of the Malakite vow to suffer no evil to live.

But when we tried to decide which Superior the Undertaker served, we hit something of a disagreement.

  • I was inclined towards Dominic or Gabriel – one of the justice and retribution types.
  • My friend suggested Yves, since the Undertaker lifts nary a finger, yet still manages to wipe out all the evil in Backwater.

I tried to argue against my friend, saying that a servitor of Yves would try to intervene, to prevent mortals from accomplishing their Dark Fate. It did not go over well with my friend, who stated that the Undertaker was intervening, that his very presence was an intervention, and through it he prevented the townspeople, who had already embraced their Fate, from infecting anyone else.

Though he also suggested that the Undertaker might just be a little bit tarnished. Perhaps an angel tempted by Kronos, who had embraced the vows of a Malakite in order to keep from falling all the way.

What do you think?