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As you may have noticed, I am a BIG fan of the Persona series. These infernally themed dungeon crawl/slice-of-life simulators have been coming out for decades now, with each installment more amazing than the last.

I do not have a PlayStation 4, so I have not been able to play the game for myself. However, this has been less of a set back than usual because JohneAwesome’s YouTube playthrough lives up to his name.

Johne Awesome provides commentary on what’s happening in game, and lends his own voice talent to the on-screen characters when Atlus did not – but for the most part he allows the story to speak for itself (which is what I would want in one of these games).

It’s a 100% play through, which means you’ll get to see most of the side plots develop as well. Such shenanigans are not necessary if you attempt the game yourself, but it’s precisely what I’d want to see in a “we play” video.

You may not see many gods and demons in the early stages in the game (except for Belphegor, everyone wave “hi” to the demon on the porcelain throne), but they will show up as you progress further and further into the game.

I am especially looking forward to seeing how this game’s framing mechanism (that the whole story is Joker’s recollections while being interrogated) will be brought back in as you near the end of the game.

If you haven’t already played or watched this series, I suggest you give it a look – but for the time being, please avoid spoilers in the comments. I’d like folks to enjoy the story at their own pace.