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7-LustThis month’s batch of Numinous Corpus deal with sex and reproduction. Some of the sections are fun and silly, others deal with themes of rape, assault, pregnancy, and body horror. Consider this a content warning for the post – and I would advise having a content discussion with your players before introducing this material.

It should go without saying that what follows the cut is NSFW.

Numinous Corpus…


Each level allows the performer to either grow their breasts or create one additional pair. It also comes with the ability to lactate. When used in this manner it creates enough milk to breastfeed a number of people equal to the Check Digit times the Essence Spent.


The performer can move and transform their gonads, allowing them to control their periods and fertility, produce eggs and/or sperm, adjust their mood, or even make permanent changes to their secondary sex characteristics (with protracted use).

While Celestials can learn this song, the Song of Fruition would still be required to have a child and the changes to their body are usually accomplished more easily by acquiring a new vessel.

Mouth (revision)

Officially only Haagenti and Kobal know this Secret Song. I would suggest adding Andrealphus and Beleth to the list.


More than any other Song on this list, Ovipositor calls up themes of rape, unwanted pregnancy, and violations of bodily autonomy.
DO NOT include this song without checking in with all your players first to make sure they’re okay with these themes.


Secret Song restricted to Andrealphus, Beleth & Beelzebub

Gabriel and Jordi might know the song but they would never teach it

This creates a specialized appendage or modifies an existing one so that a pregnant character to embed their unborn child into a host parent. The level of this song acts as a direct penalty to any attempt to identify or locate the true parent from the child. The host must typically be willing or immobilized.

Celestials may embed a Force instead of an embryo.

Embedded Forces

A demon must sacrifice one of their own Forces to use this ability, so the rewards are usually quite significant (worth ~10 CP). The specific results will depend on the target:

  • Corporeal Target: Gain a Soldier Servant or (if the host dies) a Demonling Servant. (Resisted by Strength)
  • Ethereal Target: Gain an Ethereal Servant bound to your service by a Mnemonic Cretin. (Resisted by Intelligence)
  • Celestial Target: Impose 3 Ranks of Discord. (Resisted by Will)

Consent Matters
Not everyone is comfortable with assault by penis.
If anyone in your play group objects, remove that section of the mechanics.


Secret Song known to Andrealphus, Beleth, Eli, Jordi, and Kobal

This allows the performer to grow a functional penis (up to 6″ flaccid or 8″ erect). Every level adds 4″ to the maximum length. While the performer is aroused they gain +1 CD with certain Song groups and the penis may be used for point-blank unarmed attacks (Accuracy -2, Power [level-2]).

Songs Enhanced (by level)
  1. Songs of Attraction
  2. Songs of Ecstasy
  3. Songs of Artifacts
  4. Songs of Enslavement
  5. Songs of Charm
  6. Songs of Fruition

If any of these Songs are not in your game, there is no bonus at that level.




Secret Song known to Andrealphus, Eli, Fleurity, & Lawrence

Other superiors may know the song, but they’re more likely to teach it to a Mortal than to a Celestial.

This allows the performer to create or expand any bodily orifice and squeeze in or pull out up to 12lbs/level^2. It can be used to ease childbirth or to allow for some really deep fisting, but most players will probably want to use it for the extra storage capacity.


As a word, Yoni can mean either the vulva or the whole of the vagina. This song would normally end well before pregnancy ever even becomes a question. However, if combined with the Song of Fruition it would allow anyone to carry a child, even people who would otherwise not be able to.

Mule & Sheath

Fleurity & Lawrence both reach this Numinous Corpus, but neither one cares about the procreative aspects of the song at all. Fleurity just sees it as another place to stash drugs for smuggling while Lawrence views it as a way to discretely sheathe a sword. Either way, it is worth remembering that that the space created is inside the body of the performer and appropriate precautions should be taken.

 New Uses for Old Songs

The preceding list focuses almost entirely on primary and secondary sex characteristics. However, there are a number of other numinous corpus suitable to the boudoir. Here are just a few others to consider:

  • Decorative Feathers
  • Fingers
  • Heads
  • Horns
  • Neck
  • Neck Frill
  • Skin
  • 2nd Skin
  • Spines
  • Tongue
  • Teeth
  • Tentacles