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Sigil of Bael - Goetia“Ven” Love is a hunter and a mechanic. She has a pretty good nose for which of her neighbors are in a militia, but such activities are too political for her taste (unless she needs the extra muscle). Still she’s a good friend and a good fighter, and gets along well with just about everyone. She’s also an assassin.

Not that any of her hunting buddies would think it of her. Then again, she doesn’t make it a habit of telling them that most of her chosen prey are actually angels in service to the Archangel Jordi. Not that she limits herself, these are just the easiest angels for her to make war on without blowing cover.

If necessary, she’ll team up with City demons to help them take down some truly big game. But it’s an inconvenience and a favor which means that she expects compensation, and if her “colleagues” aren’t forthcoming, she’ll take it out of them in the form of a Geas.

Gaming Tips

Venceslava can afford to get a bit sloppy in the woods, where her Role can shield her – but in cities, she will do her best to avoid creating undo disturbances. That means that unless she has proof positive that her target is Celestial, her first shot will be a flesh wound. If she can hear the injury in the Symphony, she backs off. Killing angels is one thing, killing mortals anther entirely.

“Ven” Venceslava Love – Lilim of Baal


If you want Ven to have a Nit Whip, you can switch her Fighting skill to Small Weapons (Whip)

Corporeal Forces: 4 [Str 9, Agi 7]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int 4, Pre 8]
Celestial Forces: 2 [Will 3, Per 5]

Vessel: Human/2 [6]
Role: Hunter 3/4 [6]

Songs: Form (Corporeal/2), Might (Corporeal/2)
Skills: Climbing/1, Dodge/2, Driving/1, Engineering/1, Farming/1, Fighting/4, Firearms (Rifle)/3, Lying/3, Move Silent/3, Survival (Forest)/3, Tracking/4

Attunements: Balseraph of The War, Lilim of The War
Discords: Chained Geases/2