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Zadkiel3Sukhbir is surprisingly martial for one of Zadkiels servitors. Rather that possessing those who need protection, Sukhbir prefers to possess such warriors as come to their aid – granting them increased strength and skill until the rescue has been realized.

Outside of combat, ze tends to avoid human hosts – instead selecting smaller creatures that allow hir to observe a larger area. Though given the similarities in philosophy, it is quite likely that at least one of these hosts can be found in the vicinity of a Sihk gurdwara, contemplating the words of the gurus.

Sukhbir, Kyriotate of Zadkiel


Zadkiel prefers her angels to identify as female. This is mildly unfortunate for Sukhbir, who does not see hirself as having a gender.

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str: 5, Agi 7]
Ethereal Forces: 4 [Int: 7, Pre: 9]
Celestial Forces: 3 [Will: 6, Per: 6]

Songs: Healing (Corporeal/2), Shields (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/2)

Skills: Detect Lies/2, Dodge/3, Fighting/3, Language (Punjabi/3), Running/3, Singing/1, Small Weapons (Knives/3, Short Swords/5), Ranged Weapons (Pistol/2, Rifle/2)

Attunements: Kyriotate of Protection
Discords: Merciful/3