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Sigil of Vapula - GoetiaVapula has replaced his Dukes with Department Heads, Counts with Lab Directors, and Marquis with Project Managers. While the more traditional Princes do not see the need for the alternate titles, they do appreciate the ease with which Technology’s hierarchy integrates with the peerage.

However, the change is not just an affectation. Each Department is a full administration in its own right, with it’s own subdivisions and research goals. Not only do the Heads have the power of a Duke, but by encouraging his researchers to self-sort, Vapula has actually hit upon a system which allows demons to work together reasonably well (at least when they’re not engaged in plagiarism or industrial sabotage).

With the whole of Tartarus to himself, and more than just a couple extraterritorial holdings, Vapula can support several major fields of research.

Departments and Heads

Department of Ethics & Behavioral Science

Department Head: Buer, Impudite of Social Sciences

Areas of Research: How humans, Ethereals, and Celestials react in response to certain stimuli. This includes sociology, psychology, politics and economics. Also, opposition research on Malakim.

Department of Computer Science

Department Head: Butatar, Shedite of Computation

Areas of Research: Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Self Driving Government, SimSymphony, completing projects too large and ornery for the Department of Universal Laws and Mathematics.

Department of Cosmological Science

Department Head: Astaroth, Djinn of Cosmology

Areas of Research: The Corporeal, Ethereal, and Celestial Realms including outer space, the far marches, and the deeper hells. The infamous Lab 26 is overseen by this department.

Department of Epistemology

Department Head: Balseraph of Epistomology

Areas of Research: Faith, instinct, memory, the nature of knowledge, internal policing, and anything to do with the Archangel Raphael.

Department of Engineering

Department Head: Sabnock, Djinn of Construction

Areas of Research: Practical application of whatever the other departments come up with. It can’t become technology until Engineering gets their hands on it, something which makes members of this department a bit stuck up (as if the same weren’t true of all Demons of Technology).

Department of Field Testing

Department Head: Azod, Djinn of Field Testing [canon]

Areas of Research: Making sure the items in the Department of Engineering perform as delivered. It was split off into it’s own department after Vapula learned that Kobal had convinced Lucifer to give the Word “Specifications” to a Balseraph. Also responsible for monitoring Calabim, and guarding penal colonies (such as Lab 11).

Department of Ontological Sciences

Department Head: Barbatos, Balseraph of Ontology

Areas of Research: Organization and categorization. Also, the nature of corporeal, ethereal, and celestial beings, including anatomy and physiology. Most of Vapula’s medical labs are run by this department.

Department of Personnel Management

Department Head: Lilim of Scientific Administration

Area of Responsibility: While the Department of Personnel Management does engage in some limited research of its own, it is mostly responsible for ensuring that the other departments are appropriate manned with personnel, resources, facilities, essence, and test subjects. Lab 1 is controlled by this Department.

Department of Theology

Department Head: Damian, Djinn of Divinity

Area of Research: The Department of Theology is mostly seen as a laughing stock, full of cranks who invest inordinate amounts of time and energy into researching something that is inherently unknowable. The chief exception to this rule is the Balseraph of Etymology a senior researcher focusing on the the history and nature of Words.

Department of Universal Laws and Mathematics

Deparmtent Head: Shaphel, Habbalite of Variables

Areas of Research: Numbers, physics, chemistry, and just about anything else that can be nailed down with precision in both theory and lab research. The Department Head is something of a busybody who is known to offer unsolicited “suggestions” to other Department Heads and their Lab Directors.

Internal Politics

The Habbalite of Variables sees himself as Vapula’s natural successor. He may even be right. However, when it comes to the day to day operations of Vapula’s research apparatus, the Lilim of Scientific Administration is the de-facto #2. Given the number of favors that allows her to rack up, the other department heads would need to be particularly foolhardy to take her on (the Djinn of Divinity is the only one who has been known to do so regularly).

But that’s just the heads, the departments which are most prestigious are Engineering, Field Testing, and most recently Computer Science. Vapula is the Demon of Technology, after all. Impressive as the other departments are, they must work significantly harder to get the same recognition as those three, and are often viewed as overgrown support systems.


* The Department of Behavioral Sciences & Ethics also has to deal with this particular stigma.

On the other end of the scale is the Department of Theology, which often doesn’t even have a Lab of its own.  Instead it collaborates with researchers on related projects organized by other Departments, or worse: being organized by the less scientific Princes*. There is also a small, poorly supported division of independent study inside of Personnel Management. Early in her tenure the Department Head appointed one of her sisters as a Lab Director and that director subsequently became the Demon of Free Inquiry. Nowadays the Head of Personnel won’t allow a demon to get such a promotion until they’ve already been granted a Word (unless Vapula himself vouches for them).