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Sigil of Beleth - GoetiaAgi is the perfect little girl: a Djinn made of sharps and snails and puppy dogs tails. Like many a teacher, Agi tends to find her way to the classroom, but she prefers to sit behind one of the desks marked with bubblegum and graffiti.

As one of Beleth’s servants, “Maggie” considers fear to be the greatest teacher of them all, and she will use it to teach her chosen students two important lessons:

  1. God’s love is not universal
  2. Nobody is in control, least of all those who think they are

“Maggie” is rarely an overt bully, but she knows just what buttons to push to send make sure the other students teach her lessons for her. Although, when it comes to teaching the teachers, Agi likes to step in herself: a little flirty; a little dangerous; a little brilliant; a little lazy; perfect for getting under someone’s skin to play around.

In celestial form, “Maggie” still looks a bit like a school girl, but her face is little more than a leech’s mouth lined with scissors – her eyes protrude from stalks at the top of her head, and her hair looks like a pair of giant conical snail shells. Her blouse is cut a little lower than “proper” and a proud and cunning Pomeranian tail hitches up her skirt just enough to hint at something hungry and restive moving beneath it.

As for Agi’s “parents” – they’re know their daughter is the product of a Faustian pact, but to them she is perfect, and they are terrified of losing her (at least that’s what their conscious minds think, the unconscious has taught them to never cross their nightmare of a child).

Gaming Tips

Agi prefers to be queen of her own domain, and will try to get assignments that she can work on either by herself, or with her parents and schoolmates. When forced to colaborate with other demons, she will do her best to unsettle them all. She particularly likes flirting with colleagues and authority figures, but only if they seem averse to her advances.

Agi, Djinn of Beleth

aka Maggie Arnyek

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str: 5, Agi: 7]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int: 7, Pre: 5]
Celestial Forces: 3 [Will 6, Per: 6]

Vessel: Human Child/1
Role: Precocious Schoolgirl 2/4

Songs: Forbidding (Ethereal/2), Numinous Corpus (Eyes/5, Teeth/2, Tail/1), Nightmares (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3), Possession/3, Sensation (Ethereal/2)
Skills: Detect Lies/2, Dreaming/3, Fighting/1, Lying/4, Move Silent/1, Seduction/2

Attunements: Djinn of Nightmares
Servants: Mr. Arnyek (Lawyer) 4/1, Mrs. Arnyek (Teacher) 4/1
Discords: Unnerving Stare/1, Overzealous/2