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Prosthetic Left Hand from the London Science Museum

Themes linking the mechanical and the divine go back to at least the Greek classics.

Givens how Vapula pursues his word, and the increasing progress that humans have made towards integrating the mechanical into themselves and their world, the Prince of Technology would almost certainly be researching ways for his demons to do the same.

Of course, just because Vapula has been the one to push this research doesn’t mean that he’s the only one to use these songs.

Numinous Corpus…


If you play with the Affinity rules, all songs in this post have a Technology Affinity.

Ablative Skin

Secret Song known to Jean and Vapula

This thin ceramic coating can be treated as a variation of Bark.

Armored Plates

Secret Song known to Vapula

This song can be treated as a variation of Rock. However, magnets will have +1 Strength against the performer.


Secret Song known only to Jean and Vapula

This causes a small, transdermal computer to assemble itself in the performer’s flesh. The readouts reveal factual information about the health of the performer’s vessel. It increases the TN of any Medicine rolls made to heal the performer.


All artifacts are protected as is any device with a password.


Secret Song known to Jean, Vapula, and Valefor

This causes a ½” knob of plastic and circuitry to emerge near one of the performer’s ears. It allows the performer to connect with any unprotected digital device within 10 yards. Each level increases the radius by 10 yard and the size of the knob by ½”.

Brain Rack

Secret Song known to Beleth and Vapula

This allows the performer to open their skull and place a brain inside, remembering things from that Brain as if it were their own. Intelligence rolls based on information in the inserted brain have their CD capped at the level of this song.

Note: no one is quite sure where the performer’s own brain is located while this song is in effect.

Gun Arm

Secret Song known to Baal, Jean, Michael, and Vapula

This allows one of the performer’s limbs (not always the arm) to fold away, revealing that it was really a gun all along. Treat this as a variation of Barbs.

Servitors of Baal and Michael may have figured out how to configure their Gun Arms for automatic fire. Any attack made in automatic adds +4 Accuracy but reduces the duration by 30 minutes.

Mechanical Eye

Secret Song known to Jean, Nybbas and Vapula

This reveals one of the performer’s eyes as a mechanical contraption. When each level of this song is learned, the performer may pick one of the following functions to add to their eye:

  • Camera: record stills or videos, out loads to film, disk, or USB.
  • Celestial Vision: +2 to Perception TNs to spot someone in Celestial form
  • Ethereal Vision: +2 to Detect Lies TNs, reveals realm of sleeper’s dreamscape.
  • Flare Protection: immune to dazzling effects (e.g. flash bang grenade or Celestial Song of Light)
  • Low Light: reduce darkness penalties by 2
  • Microscope: +2 to relevant skill roll and characteristic TNs
  • Telescope: reduce distance penalties by 2

GM decides if Legs and Pneumatic Legs can stack.

Pneumatic Legs / Tank Treads

Secret Song known to Vapula

The performer’s legs become mechanized, allowing for faster travel speed and more carrying capacity. It can be treated as a variation on Legs.


Secret Song known to Alaemon, Jean, Nybbas, and Vapula

This causes a parabolic antenna to grow from the performer’s head or neck. The performer may listen to local radio transmissions originating from within 5 mi/level.

Starting at level 3 the performer may spend a second point of Essence when singing in order to transmit as well as receive.