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Sigil of Belial - GoetiaSome years back, an audacious sorcerer attempted to commune with Bonoham, the Duchess of Phosphor. Intrigued by someone with the power and temerity to reach out to her, she opened a hellmouth and extended a portion of her undying felfire into the mortal realms. However, his rituals and her attunement interacted in an unexpected way causing the portal to snap shut and severing a portion of her forces from her.

Rather than dissipating, the forces took on a life of their own, immolating the sorcerer on the spot and possessing what remained of his ruined flesh. When the Duchess re-established the hellmouth, her forces had already fled – no longer wishing to be reunited with their infernal whole.

While others would view such severed forces as Bonoham’s daughter, she views herself as the better parts of the Duchess Bonoham, and has no desire to be forcibly re-integrated with her larger, baser self. Although she no longer has the powers of a duchess of hell, Bonoham is no less convinced of her nobility and is slowly building up alliances that might help her to overthrow herself.

Bonoham bat Bonoham

Renegade Shedite

Corporeal Forces: 4 [Str: 7, Agi: 9]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int: 5, Pre: 3]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will: 8, Per 8]

Songs: Flame (Corporeal/4), Nimbus (Ethereal/3) Numinous Corpus (Flame/4), Tongues (Corporeal/1), Shields (Celestial/4)
Skills: Chemistry/3, Dodge/3, Emote/4, Fast Talk/4, Fighting/4, Knowledge (Sheol)/3

Attunements: Shedite of Fire, Shedite of Death
Discords: Combustible/3, Murderous/2, Obsessed (Exerting Authority)/2

Possible Plot Hooks

The creation of a new demon is typically one of the powers reserved for Princes. Although there were extenuating circumstances, the fact that the Bonoham in Hell was able to accomplish it means that she’s far closer to making a bid for Prince than anyone realized. She is desperately eager to be reunited with the apostate fragment of herself to learn what secrets it holds. At the same time, she must move circumspectly, there’s no way to predict how Belial will react if he learns that one of his Dukes is ready to make a play for Prince. And, of course, should any other power player in Hell learn the truth about Bonoham Bat Bonoham, they will likely hold it as leverage over her ducal “mother.”