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Sigil_of_Lucifer.svgAccording to Heaven, there were no demons before The Fall. If true, that means that each Band began somewhere. In some cases there is canonical guidance, in others we are left to our own devices, and in a few there are even some competing signals.

By teasing out these hints and differences, we can get an idea of what some of the earliest factions of hell might have been. Whether this is used as deep background, an alternate setting for games set near the dawn of time, or as a way to pick out new “hidden” powers seeking to emerge I leave as an exercise to the GMs in the audience.

Lucifer: the First Balseraph

There is no question that Lucifer is the first and most powerful Liar. Though he claims an equal title to the other Princes, everyone knows that he’s really the one in charge.

Sinnerman (Lucifer)

Ibdis: The First Djinn

In Islamic lore, all djinni ultimately report back to Ibdis who led them in rebellion against god. In Nomine gives him a slightly lesser role – placing him as Hell’s standard bearer since the war in heaven. However, this is still a Duke General’s billet, placing him just behind the Princes in hell’s hierarchy.

Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Beleth are all more powerful demons, but none have a word that defines Stalkers.

Since Ibdis holds a place of honor within Baal’s court, it’s quite likely that he remained loyal to Lucifer (or at least Baal) during Infernal Civil Wars that followed the expulsion from Heaven. The fact that he is not a Prince would suggest that he took some serious injury in one of the early Celestial wars that prevented him from amassing sufficient power.

Genie in a Bottle (Dove Cameron Cover)

Abaddon: The First Calabite

Abaddon the Destroyer is one of those demons whose moniker is almost as well known in the real world as Lucifers’, and yet he exists only as a desolate wasteland were souls are slowly killed.

This is not the mark of respect for a powerful and respected colleague.

Although he may be beyond help now, at the dawn of hell Abaddon would almost certainly been one of Lucifer’s rivals. Demogorgon made a play for this Word, but was defeated by Belial.

Symphony of Destruction (Primitivity Cover)

Camael: The First Habbalite

In Nomine canon establishes Camael as having once been the most powerful Elohim, but also as having been the first of that choir to Fall. Aside from these two facts, the demon is ignored.

This suggests that Camael is outside of the normal hierarchy (a sign that he potentially opposed Lucifer). However, one could also interpret the demon’s absence from the core rules as an indication that he and his hierarchy are so integral to the running of hell, none have time to !#$% around on Earth.

Eternal Torment (Malevolence)

Lilth: Mother of the Lilim

Although she is “only” a human, none would dispute Lilith’s claim as the founder and creator of the Lilim. However, during the early days of the Infernal Civil Wars she was freely wandering the Corporeal Realm. Lilith and her daughters had no involvement in the early power struggles of Hell.

A particularly ambitious Lilim might try to earn the word Temptation, but most know better. Such an act would be seen as an open declaration of war by mother, and Temptation is nothing without the Freedom to choose.

Destination Calabria (Alex Gaudino)

Oeillet: The First Shedite

In Nomine actually provides no information on the first Shedite save this: whomever they were, they didn’t hold the Word of Corruption. Beelzebub was the first demon of Corruption, and he was a Djinn.

To me, this suggests that Beelzebub was directly responsible for corrupting the first Shedite.

For lack of a better candidate, I will put forth Oeillet as Beelzebub’s hapless victim. In 1613 Sebastien Michaelis (a French inquisitor) identified this demon as the most senior leader of the order of Dominions to Fall. Oeillet’s particular providence is convincing people to break their vows of poverty

Unlike the other Firsts who either are or were movers and shakers in hell, Oeillet is most likely a minor Baron within the court of Mammon. However, I’ve not yet named the Magnate of Graft (Mammon’s candidate to take over the Word of Corruption). If you want the first Shedite to still carry some oomph, then perhaps Graft is the right place for him.

No Money (Galantis)

Ohaobel: The First Impudite

Impudites are interesting in that Taking, the central Word of the Band, has always been subordinate to one of the other Words (first Rapine, then Theft). As with Oeillet, there is no official information on the first Impudite.

However, this only makes sense for the Demon of Taking as the Impudites of Theft are known for moving through crowds without leaving a trace.

As an unknown, it’s unlikely that Ohaobel holds any particular leadership role, but given how unprecedented Valefor’s defeat of Genubath was, it wouldn’t make sense for Genubath to have pulled the same trick on Ohaobel. Instead, Ohaobel has probably eschewed infernal politics and taking liberty as she sees fit.

The first impudite is sure she could take Valefor’s domain if she had to, but it would take a lot of work and that’s not really her style. She prefers to take when the taking is easy.

The Taker (Waylon Jennings)