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Sigil of Furfur - GoetiaToday’s post comes from a conversation I was having with one of my old roommates. We were discussing In Nomine and gods and heavy metal, and they were joking that heavy metal might actually be hell’s music – and that all the mythological themes that show up in it were really an attempt to strip the corresponding associations away from the Ethereals who held them previously.

So naturally, I brought up Furfur: how he’s the Prince of Hardcore; how he’s given to excess; how I imagined his court being a fusion of metal and fanaticism; how I disliked the purely Islamic overtones of fanaticism that showed up in the Dark Khalid writeup.

So my friend asks: “Is there a Demon of Straightedge and a Demon of Veganism under him?”

There wasn’t before. There is now. I hope you enjoy them.


Demon of Veganism

Lilim of Gluttony in service to Hardcore

“Belle” has long been a member of Haagenti‘s epicurean faction – she takes great pride in her Word and the delicacies it can produce. She was therefore horrified when her Superior insisted on adding caviar and honey to a dish she had prepared.

Unfortunately, the Prince of Gluttony has little patience for those trying to “correct” what and how he eats, and Bellemangeur soon found herself on loan to the Demon Prince Furfur. She has found some other souls with similar singularity of purpose, but many pick the strangest things to obsess about.

“Belle” would like to eventually make her way back to Haagenti’s kitchens. And who knows, maybe she’ll even be able to bring a few hardcore vegans back with her.


Corporeal Forces: 3
[6 Str, 6 Agi]
Ethereal Forces: 3
[7 Int, 5 Pre]
Celestial Forces: 5
[11 Will, 9 Per]
Word Forces: 6 (Veganism)

Vessel(s): Human/1,
Charisma (Attractive)/2

Role(s): Nutritionist 4/4

Songs: Forbidding (Ethereal/5), Harmony (Ethereal/4), Healing (Corporeal/2), Memory (Corporeal/3), Numinous Corpus (Fruit/4, Thorns/3, Tentacles/4), Revulsion (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/5), Seals (Corporeal/4), Hunger (Celestial/5)

Skills: Cooking/4, Dodge/4, Emote/5, Fighting/3, Gardening/5, Healing/4, Lying/4, Savoir-Faire/2, Seduction/1, Throwing/3

Attunements: Lilim of Gluttony, Demon of Veganism

Distinctions: Knight of Banquets, Captain of Cannibals

Special Rites:

  • Keep Vegan for a day.
  • Destroy a non-vegan kitchen.

sXe, March Lord of Straightedge

Habbalite of Hardcore

Given how limited the influence of the straightedge movement is, most Superiors would not have promoted sXe so far or so fast. However, Furfur has been pressed for time and needs to ready what officers he can against Belial‘s eventual onslaught. In addition to being a skilled Captain in Saminga‘s Bloody Order of the Open Razor, sXe spent his time on earth in a punk band, and actually manages to get along with both the Duke of Fans and the Duke of Metal.

Having secured some unlikely alliances in both heaven and hell, sXe is now trying to reach out to Uriel‘s lost Tsayadim to see if they’ll lend their strength to the Straightedge vision of Purity.


Corporeal Forces: 3
[7 Str, 5 Agi]
Ethereal Forces: 5
[8 Int, 12 Pre]
Celestial Forces: 4
[7 Will, 9 Per]
Word Forces: 4 (Straightedge)

Vessel(s): Human/2,

Role: Straightedge punk who “used to be someone” 3/4

Celestial Artifact: Razor of Bleeding/4

Songs: Forbidding (Ethereal/6, Celestial/2), Harmony (Celestial/3), Might (Corporeal/2, Celestial/4), Nemesis (Ethereal/3, Celestial/3), Revulsion (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/2), Sanctity (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3, Celestial/2), Seals (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/5), Thunder/4, Truth (Ethereal/2, Celestial/3), Purity (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2), Witness/1

Skills: Artistry (Posters)/3, Detect Lies/3, Dodge/4, Driving/1, Emote/3, Singing/2, Small Weapon (Razor)/5, Survival (Urban)/4, Tactics/5, Tracking (Urban)/4

Attunements: Habbalite of Saminga, Habbalite of Fanaticism, Habbalite of Hardcore, Demon of Straightedge

Distinctions: Knight of the Dead (Bloody Order of the Open Razor), Knight of Rock, Captain of the Mosh Pit, Baron of Hardcore, Demon and Marquis of Straightedge

Special Rite:

  • Keep edge for a day.


Vegan Black Metal Chef is a real band. To the best of my knowledge, it is not really a front for a demon.