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Sign of SaturnWhen I first proposed aligning the Duchies of Kronos with the canonical hours, I thought it might be a bit of a challenge to fill the posts, but that everything would eventually fall into place.

Turns out it’s really hard to find demons that are associated with the canonical hours. It’s almost like there are centuries of lore built up that presuppose that demons dislike periods of intense prayer (who would have guessed). Conversely, there are lots of demons associated with the “Italian” hours.

An “Italian” hour is the same length as any other, but the count starts at dusk. Just count through the 12 hours (well, 13 in this case, but one makes its own time) and then start over.


Wait, doesn’t Gabriel have a Kyriotate Angel of Scandal named Zahun?

In naming the senior servitors of Fate, I have decided to pull from the Nuctemeron. This text supposedly provides a formula whereby one may prepare themself for the light of God through the invocation of demons.

Archivists of the Hours

Zahun, Impudite Duke of Scandal, Archivist of the 1st Hour

Zahun is particularly knowledgeable about angels who are currently in disgrace.

Baglis, Balseraph Duke of Precision, Archivist of the 2nd Hour


Does she?
Fancy that.

Baglis can resonate like an Elohite and is as cold and dispassionate as the members of that Choir pretend to be.

Zarobi, Habbalite Duchess of The Precipice, Archivist of the 3rd Hour

Zarobi has a particular affinity for folk at the point of no return. Once they commit themselves, she hands them off to Zephar.

Eistibus, Shedite Duke of Determinism, Archivist of the 4th Hour

A counterpoint to Zarobi, Eistibus focuses on slow “inevitable” descents into hell governed by events supposedly “beyond the control” of her targets.

Tacritau, Balseraph Duke of Invocations, Archivist of the 5th Hour

Tacritau can resonate like a Seraph. He and his staff would be a perfect choice for intercepting unwanted calls to Kronos (or as a resource to learn more about those calls)

Tabris, Balseraph Duke of Will, Archivist of the 6th Hour

Tabris can resonate like a Malakite. His vows are: Suffer no evil to live, never surrender in a fight, never back down from a goal, never admit defeat. Tabris also happens to be a huge egotist and equates evil with opposition.

Causub, Balseraph Duchess of Serpents, Archivist of the 7th Hour

Causub can resonate like a Mercurian. He is a big proponent of the Songs of Serpents.

Nantur, Balseraph 2nd Duke of Writing, Archivist of the 8th Hour

Nantur can resonate like an Ofanite. It should also be noted that she previously held the word of Palimpsest, and some say that is her word still.

Bukaphi, Calabite Duke and Archivist of the Witching Hour

Bukaphi’s resonance doesn’t just resemble aging, it can actually create a pocket of additional time. She works closely with those who champion witchcraft and sorcery.

Zephar, Lilim Duke of the Irrevocable, Archivist of the 9th Hour

Resisting a Geas invoked by Zephar can only postpone it – all the Geases they invoke will eventually need to be fulfilled.

Kataris, Djinn Duke of Desecration, Archivist of the 10th Hour

Kataris is one of the Archivists most directly involved in The War. The Demon enjoys the notoriety that a full commission under Ba’al brings to their hour.

Halacho, Balseraph Duchess of Sympathies, Archivist of the 11th Hour

Halacho can resonate like a Cherub. However, he is perfectly willing to harm those he’s attuned to when it serves his purpose. While he doesn’t like his discords, he wears them with a perverse pride.

Misran, Balseraph Duchess of Persecution, Archivist of the 12th Hour

Misran can resonate like a Kyriotate. She is also a virtuoso with of the Songs of Plagues.


In naming demons to all 13 hours, I do somewhat limit the options for Game Masters to introduce their own Dukes of Kronos, but there are many ways around this limitation.

  1. Extend the day to a full 24 hours.
  2. Replace one of my Dukes with one of yours (or visa versa). Come up with a bit of exposition about why the change occurred, in case one of your players goes poking.
  3. Demote the Archivists of the Hours to Counts, and have them serve under the Dukes of the Days.

Basically, never let yourself feel constrained over another author’s writing. In your game, you get to call the shots.