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Sigil of Samigina - GoetiaPhalet is something of an enigma. Ze is always busy but never wants to do the work of the Hell Below. Instead ze greases the wheels of Hell on Earth with a near bottomless supply of Essence. No corpse will pass zir by without being drained, and ze can often be spotted performing stand up comedy or dancing on the club floor making unsuspecting rubes feel miserable.

Because Phalet is a constant bubble of ebullience, and has no real interest in surrounding zirself with zombies – ze can sometimes convince other infernals that ze does not, in fact, work for Saminga.

Phalet will likely be known to any demons in the area, but when the sulfur is lit and balefires are going, ze goes to ground and lets others to take the risk. As you might imagine, ze is not the best fit for a combat heavy campaign. However, ze is perfect for stories with lots of research, bribery, and spadework.

Roleplaying Tip:

Pretend to be a Servitor of Kobal. Everyone knows they’re an unlimited supply of essence. Crack jokes, be sociable, and make sure your enemies take it up with the wrong Superior.

Not sure how to approach death with both gravity and humor? I suggest reading Caitlin Doughty and Mary Roach

Phalet, Impudite of Saminga

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str: 4, Agi: 4]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int: 5, Pre: 7]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will: 8 , Per: 8]

Vessel: Human/1, Charisma (Professional*)/1
Role: Coroner 4/4

* gendered bonus: does not apply to men

Songs: Charm (Celestial/3), Memory (Corporeal/3), Succor (Celestial/3)
Skills: Area Knowledge/3, Autopsy/2, Chemistry/3, Dance/3, Detect Lies/2, Fast Talk/4, Healing/4, Lying/3, Move Silent/2, Savoir-Faire/1

Attunement: Impudite of Saminga
Discord(s): Coward/3, Merciful/1