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EliWhen it comes to Falling Archangels, Eli is the low hanging fruit. Half of heaven already thinks he’s on the way down, and from a metagame perspective – by assigning each of his servitors an alternate Superior to serve, the developers have ensured that no PC would be orphaned by his loss.

It’s a rather elegant solution, but the choice of Superior stuck me as something of an odd one. Vapula already represents the darker aspects of creation, and rarely cares about the human cost of his work.

Still, there are other ways for Eli to Fall, and that’s where we’ll begin…

Ailey, Prince of Freeloading (2nd Sloth)

The Symphony is complete. All that remains is some minor orchestration, and lesser celestials such as Jean, Gabriel, and Vapula will attend to them whether they realize it or not.

With no more work to do, Ailey has started taking his much-earned reward. And since Ailey created everything, everyone owes him.


Making Ailey pay for his own goods or meals; refusing to let Ailey crash at your place or use your stuff.


Bal: Someone with positive reaction cannot resist Fast Talk to freeload.
Dji: restricted – demon can pass themself off as friend of anyone they’re attuned to.
Cal: Can get sick at will.
Hab: Emoted needs will be met by someone.
Lil: restricted – Geas can be used to live at target’s Status until it expires.
Shed: double cost – Ignore band dissonance condition.
Imp: restricted – can impose Geas instead of taking essence (no hooks).


Andrealphus, Lilith, Vapula


Asmodeus, Baal, Haagenti, Mammon

Ely, Prince of Unmaking (2nd Oblivion)

At the dawn of time Eli looked upon what he had made, and it was good. In his naivete he believed it would always be so. However, during his recent sabbatical Eli realized that the Symphony is flawed beyond repair. Rather than try, the one time Archangel of Creation decided that the best solution would be to return the whole of everything to untapped potential and start again.


Each day an Unmaker must remove from the Corporeal Realm (including by means of death or destruction) a number of Forces equal to 10 – Celestial Force.


Reduce disturbances by Corporeal Forces. Immune to the resonance of their “opposite” choir. (Lilim are unreadable by Bright or Malakim).


Baal, Kobal, Malphas, Saminga


Andrealphus, Asmodeus, Beleth, Haagenti, Mammon

Eligh, Prince of Abomination (Dark Creation)

While Dark Creation may not be my favorite take on the Fallen Eli, there is a time and place for it.

For eons Eli has bound himself to the false restraint of God’s plan. Once he broke free of it, he discovered new vistas he had never considered before: things that should not be yet ache for existence from beyond the known Symphony.

Games that include the Prince of Abomination are apt to include monsters, pocket realms, and blurring lines between the real and surreal. If you’re thinking of a Cthulhu crossover game, the corrupted Eli would be an excellent harbinger of the Outer Gods.

Best brush up on the works of Geiger and Lovecraft before getting started.


Abandoning a creation before it is complete.


Same Attunements as Eli.

Lil: Anyone offered a “gift” by the demon must succeed at Will roll to refuse.


Beleth, Kronos, Vapula


Lilith, Fleurity, Valefor