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sredni2According to the Ethereal Player’s guide, the minimum number of Forces required to attain a godhead is 9. This is a good rule of thumb for player characters – but for NPCs a bit more latitude might be acceptable if all other requirements of godhood are met.

Sredni Vashtar first appeared in a short story of the same name.

The polecat ferret is presented as a god of death and struggle – complete with unique image, worship rites, and a dedicated worshiper. In Germanic traditions it could be viewed as a Dis, or personal god.

Admittedly, this also makes it a particularly vulnerable god (since one mortal death would be enough to cut off all its worship), but until that happens, there’s no reason why it should not have all the other advantages of an awakened god.

Sredni Vashtar: Personal God

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str 4, Agi 4]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int 3, Pre 5]
Celestial Forces: 2 [Will 4, Per 4]

Vessel: Polecat Ferret/2
Role: none

Elements: Life (Beasts)
Affinities: Puisance (Primal, Unarmed), Animals (Moderate), Speed (Moderate)

Songs: Might (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3), Numinous Corpus (Fangs/3)
Skills: Athletics/3, Dodge/5, Fighting/5, Running/3, Survival/3