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daisyOfanite of Flowers

The transition from redeemer to angel is both wonderful and traumatic. Although it was only a couple of months ago, The Song of Swaying Grass as it Races the Wind already has a hard time remembering what it was like to spend her days whispering “grow, grow, grow, for you have the love of god” to blades of grass instead of running through their root systems jumping from place to place all across this green land.

She knows that she should build up a human identity, but the world is full of so much wonder and humans seem to ignore the bulk of it. At the very least she has accepted the vessel her archangel has crafted for her, and some day she shall start integrating it into society. But not yet. For now she still wants to wander barefoot through the woods.

The Song of Swaying Grass as it Races the Wind

Corporeal Forces: 4 [Str 10, Agi 6]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int 4, Pre 4]
Celestial Forces: 3 [Will 5, Per 7]

Vessel(s): Human/1, Field of Grass/1
Role: none

Songs: Shields (Celestial/2), Solace (Ethereal/2), Succor (Corporeal/4)
Skills: Acrobatics/4, Dance/4, Dodge/3, Running/5, Survival (Forest/3, Grassland/3)


  • Ofanite of Flowers