The Lesser Key of Solomon is one of the better known occult texts. The original author is unknown, but it was popularized in the English language by Samuel MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley (prior to their falling out over the leadership of the Golden Dawn).

Included in the text is a list of 72 demons.

Several of these demons have an official place within the In Nomine universe (ranging from Prince to Servitor), and Liber Neglecta has proposed roles for several others. For reference purposes, I am listing them all along with what role they fill in the game world.

Listings in bold are from official materials, those in italics are from this blog.

# Name Goetic
In Nomine
1 Baal/Bael King Prince of The War
2 Agares Duke unspecified
3 Vassago Prince unspecified
4 Saminga Marquis Prince of Death
5 Marbas / Barbas President unspecified
6 Valefor Duke Prince of Theft
7 Amon Marquis Possible inspiration for Alaemon, Prince of Secrets
8 Barbatos Duke Department Head: Ontological Sciences (Vapula)
9 Paimon King Possible inspiration for Alaemon, Prince of Secrets
10 Buer President Department Head: Ethics & Behavioral Sciences (Vapula)
11 Gusion / Guison Duke unspecified
12 Sitri Prince Duchess of Cat (Andrealphus)
13 Beleth King Princess of Nightmares
14 Leraje Marquis Demon of Infection (Saminga)
15 Eligor / Eligos Duke Marquis of Analgesics (Fleurity)
16 Zepar / Zephar Duke Duke of Notch (Andrealphus) / Duke of the Irrevocable (Kronos)
17 Botis Count / President unknown
18 Bathin Duke Marquis of Overdose (Fleurity)
19 Sallos / Saleos Duke Duke of Ill Repute (Andrealphus)
20 Purson King Marquis of Drug Trips (Fleurity)
21 Marax / Morax Count / President unspecified
22 Ipos Count / Prince unspecified
23 Aym Duke Duke of Thermite (Belial)
24 Naberius Marquis Project Manager: Artificial Life (Vapula)
25 Glasya-Labolas Count / President unspecified
26 Bune Duke unspecified
27 Ronove Count / Marquis unspecified
28 Berith Duke Rittmeister of the Apocalypse (Baal & Mammon)
29 Astaroth Duke Department Head: Cosmological Sciences (Vapula)
30 Forneus Marquis Marquis of Drowning (Saminga)
31 Foras President Demon of Mad Science (Vapula)
32 Asmoday / Asmodeus King Prince of The Game
33 Gaap Prince / President unspecified
34 Furfur Count Prince of Harcore
35 Marchosias Marquis unspecified
36 Stolas Prince unspecified
37 Phenex Marquis Prince of Children
38 Halphas Count unspecified
39 Malphas President Prince of Factions
40 Raum Count unspecified
41 Focalor Duke Servitor of Asmodeus
42 Vepar Duke Prince of the Seas (deceased)
43 Sabnock Marquis Department Head: Engineering (Vapula)
44 Shax Marquis unspecified
45 Vine King / Count Rittmeister of the Apocalypse (Baal & Haagenti)
46 Bifrons Count Already on list, honest
47 Vual / Uval Duke Duchess of Sporting (Andrealphus)Demon of Insubordination (Lucifer)
48 Haagenti President Prince of Gluttony
49 Crocell Duke unspecified
50 Furcas Knight unspecified
51 Balam King unspecified
52 Alloces Duke unspecified
53 Caim / Camio President unspecified
54 Murmur Duke / Count Duke of Dis (Asmodeus)
55 Orobas Prince unspecified
56 Gremory / Gamori Duke Duke of Assignation (Andrealphus) / Princess of Flowers
57 Ose President In Nomine
58 Amy President In Nomine
59 Orias Marquis In Nomine
60 Vapula Duke Prince of Technology
61 Zagan King / President unspecified
62 Valac President Raider of Heaven (Valefor)
63 Andras Marquis unspecified
64 Flauros Duke unspecified
65 Andrealphus Marquis Prince of Lust
66 Kimaris Marquis unspecified
67 Amdusias Duke unspecified
68 Belial King Prince of Fire
69 Decarabia Marquis unspecified
70 Seere/Seir Prince Rittmeister of the Apocalypse (renegade)
71 Dantalion Duke unspecified
72 Andromalius Count unspecified (probably Valefor)