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anti_racist_action_logoIn light of the recent string of fascist rallies and counter demonstrations that have been taking place in the USA, this seems like a good time to take a break from my “no politics” rule. Sometimes not saying anything at all is itself an act of evil.

However, since this is still an In Nomine blog, I have decided to put together a list of possible anti-fascist actions someone could get involved and the Superior who I think would embrace that approach. If you just want to use this list in game, that’s fine – but I would rather you look through it and pick out a strategy or two that you are willing to use to combat fascism directly in the real world.

More than usual, I should mention that this post is my personal creation. This is not official In Nomine material and has not been endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.



Be aware that some of these strategies may violate local ordinances. It would be negligent to pick one without knowing whether or not it is legal.

Blandine (Dreams)

  • Create a safe space for members of targeted populations who do not wish to engage with the hate directed against them.
  • Make opportunities for members of these communities whenever you can, and respect that their voice is as valid as your own.

Christopher (Children)

  • Offer free child care to folks who want to go to area protests or anti-fascist actions.
  • Teach the youth in your life about fascism, including fascism in America both before WWII and after.

David (Stone)

  • Teach self-defense classes to protesters and/or targeted minorities.
  • Put yourself on the front line during a protest, either openly or as part of a black bloc.

Dominic (Judgement)

  • Resolve to contact your legislators and executives regularly to advocate for social justice and against fascism.
  • Sign up for a mailing list or app that will provide you with regular reminders and suggestions (for example, 5 Calls).

Eli (Creation)

  • Write an anti-fascist ‘zine.
  • Join a local agitprop theater troupe.
  • Drown out hateful speech with bagpipes or brass instruments.

Gabriel (Fire)

  • Help name and shame anyone who takes part in a Nazi or other fascist rally. @YesYoureRacist recently came to prominence for employing this strategy.

Janus (Wind)

  • Join an anti-fascist group in your area.
  • [EDIT 8/27] Transport friends to & from protest sites.

Be aware that joining an anti-fascist group will likely have you engaging in several of the other activities on this list.

Jean (Lightning)

  • Track down and monitor online channels where fascists gather and plan.
  • Tip off any new targets of their animus.

Jordi (Animals)

  • Offer free or discounted pet-sitting for people who want to take part in area protests or anti-fascist actions.

Khalid (Faith)

  • Contact your local religious leaders or the Interfaith Alliance to ask how you can support their efforts in opposing fascism.
  • If you are aware of a specific pro-fascist rally or event and your faith community is not, bring it to their attention.

Laurence (The Sword)

  • Become a legal observer. The National Lawyer’s Guild offers regular training throughout the USA.

Lithroy (Revelation)

  • Teach your friends about the forms that oppression takes in our country (may require listening to folks who experience different forms of oppression from you)
  • Acquaint friends who are uncomfortable with direct protest and silencing actions with the paradox of tolerance.

Marc (Trade)

Michael (War)

  • Punch a Nazi.
  • Help anti-fascist protests get so large that there’s no need to punch a Nazi.

Novalis (Flowers)

  • Join or organize a mass non-violent protest.
  • Offer direct support (such as meals, medical attention, or pastoral guidance) to other protesters.
  • Write letters to your local newspapers and legislators encouraging them to denounce hate.