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rr-cross-pink-v1Earlier this month The Sun ran an article about a Philippine exorcist who had reported that fake crucifixes with satanic symbols were being given out in that country, and that they were causing nightmares and bad luck.

Now, The Sun is hardly a paper of record – but even tabloid articles can make good material for a one-off story.

Unfortunately, In Nomine has no rules for creating cursed items: just artifacts that have a price that’s not worth paying.

Infernal Beads

Even though In Nomine has no cursed items per-se, representing the scenario in the fake crucifix article is rather easy; any Celestial may invest a mundane object with 1 CP, turning it into a minor Corporeal Artifact known as a Token.

Tokens are considered to be a part of the angel or demon that invested them with power and may be tracked instinctively (without the involvement of a Djinn or Cherub). Should a Servitor of Beleth create such a token, it likely would have the effect of plaguing its bearer with nightmares – not because the rosary itself causes bad dreams, but because it would tell a Demon of Nightmares exactly where the bearer is located.

The Larger Picture

Investing even a single CP is a rather significant investment for a Celestial that lives a mostly static existence, which means that the mass production of Tokens is usually counter productive – resulting in a demon that destroys itself for the toys it creates.

Instead I would suspect one of the following would make for a better story:

  • The rosaries are being created by a consortium of Nightmare Demons who have agreed to work together for some reason. Though several rosary Tokens are circulating, any given demon is only responsible for a small handful of them.
  • This is a feint; only a small portion of the rosaries are tokens. Instead the maneuver is meant to dupe area exorcists into wasting their effort purifying inert pieces of plastic rather than stopping the real incursion, whatever that might be.

Breaking the Curse

As previously mentioned, Celestials invest artifacts with a bit of their own soul. However, it is possible for that investment to move from one Celestial (or Symphonically Aware individual) to another over time.

An exorcist who keeps a token in their possession and actively puts effort into purifying it will eventually be able to spend a CP of their own to make it their token. Once this happens, it will no longer be linked to the demon that created it.

It Could Always be Worse

While there are no formal rules for cursed items, there are still some ways to build them. For example, a rosary that bestows a Paranoia disadvantage on it’s user equal to its level could certainly be built (assuming the Celestial crafting it has the Song of Nightmares), but that’s an even bigger investment, with even less of a payoff for the demon in question.