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Elizabeth Bathory’s real Coat of Arms

Elizabeth Bathory is a serial killer best known for having bathed regularly in the blood of virgins in order to preserve her youth. Her lands were in Transylvania and Hungary, and her exploits are said to have contributed to the Dracula myth.

Though Vampires do not gain any bonus Forces, humans who were already exceptional may bring the Forces they have already accumulated through with them into undeath. This is how I am handling the Blood Countess.

Elizabeth Bathory’s crimes were discovered in 1610 and she died in 1614, but her corpse was moved at least once, and no grave bares her marker. If she still walks the earth, she would need to be exceptionally clever, and well aligned with sympathetic powers. In a US based game, she would likely be located near the US/Mexico border where hundreds “dissapear” every year.

Though “only” a Vampire, in modern times the Blood Countess would hold high status, a discrete estate, and allies serving several Demon Princes.

She may eventually be defeated during a campaign, but I would not make her a pushover in spite of her relative weakness compared to most PCs.


The only known portrait of Elisabeth Bathory was stolen in the 1990s – possibly to be delivered to her current abode.

Elisabeth Bathory, Vampire

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str 5, Agi 3]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int 9, Pre 3]
Celestial Forces: 2 [Will 3, Per 5]

Status: 6 (heiress), Charisma: 1 (youthful)

Skills: Alchemy/1, Area Knowledge (Nyirbator/3), Detect Lies/3, Emote/2, Fast Talk/4, Fighting/2, Languages (Hungarian/Native, English/3, German/3, Greek/3, Latin/3), Lying/3, Medicine/2, Move Silently/3, Necromancy/2, Riding (Horse/1), Savoir Faire/4, Swimming/1, Tactics/3, Torture/1
Songs: Blood (Corporeal/3), Entropy (Corporeal/4), Numinous Corpus (Tongue/3)

Attunements: Sorcery
Disadvantages: Need (Blood)/3, Obsession (Youth)/2, Vulnerability (Sunlight)/3

“Allied” Courts

  • Death
  • Gluttony
  • Lust

If there are any recurring servitors of Andrealphus, Haagenti, or Saminga in your game, they may be regulars at the Blood Countess’ suares.