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darkestfleshTwo years ago I used The Darkest Dungeon as an example of an inescapable eldritch horror setting. If you’re actually thinking of running a campaign in this world, your angels and demons will need a way to fit into the estate. Thankfully, Red Hook has already provided us with a number of potential Roles.

Here are the skills, resources, and discords I would require for someone to take on a Role from The Darkest Dungeon:


No skill required, but you must have at least one Numinous Corpus song at a level equal to that of the Role, and must also take a vessel specific version of the Vestigium discord at the same level for no CP. Abominations are almost always limited to Status 1.


The is the Darkest Dungeon’s version of the Archaeologist, and as with the Archaeologist, Survival is the most essential skill. Status is typically 3 or 4.


Arlabests are skilled artillerists. They must have Ranged Weapon (Crossbow) at a level equal to the Role, and typically have Engineering as well. Status is typically 3 or 4.


Fighting is the essential skill for a Barkeep, same as it is outside of the Darkest Dungeon. Status is also the same.

Bounty Hunter

You can’t be a Bounty Hunter without the Tracking skill. Most also have some ability at armed and unarmed combat. There are Bounty Hunters at every status, but 2-4 is the most common range.


Within the Darkest Estate, Clergy help maintain the manor Abby. Treat as Religious Figure.


These (usually) faithful knights must have at least one Heavy Weapon skill. They must also take their arms and armor as corporeal artifacts. The wealth required for such raiment means that most Crusaders are Status 4 or higher.


Flagellants must have the Small Weapon: Whips skill and many also have Needs or Obsessions which compel self-harm.

Grave Robber

Grave Robbers employ a mutitude of skills to get the job done. But whatever their individual skill set might be, they all require Fast Talk in order to sell their wares. The Status of a grave robber could be anything, but most are 2 or 3.


Hellions typically have female vessels and at least one Large Weapon skill. Many also have the Angry, Murderous, or Berserk Discords, but it is not required. Status usually falls in the 1-3 range.


There are no required skills for a highwayman. Most have some degree of combat, horsemanship, or driving* experience. None rank particularly high on the social ladder, with Status 3 being around the top.

* Within this context driving refers to animal teams, not motorized vehicles.


It should go without saying, but Animal Handling is the key skill for a Houndmaster. This is a new skill, and is typically paired with Perception. Houndmasters typically have between 2 and 4 Status.


Performers and buffoons – jesters are experts at projecting those emotions they want to. While many have an array of Artistry and Acrobatic skills, Emote is the most essential for these performers. While Status could go all the way up to 5, anyone stuck in the Darkest Dungeon is probably between 1 and 3.


Leprosy does not have a Discord of its own, but Pallid comes close. As with the Abomination, no skill is required. However, a vessel specific Palid Disadvantage at a Level equal to that of the Role is required. If Leprosy provides the whole of the Role by itself, Status is rarely above 2.

Man at Arms

The Man at Arms is notable more for their breadth of knowledge than its depth. They must have a number of different combat skills equal to the Level of the Role. Most have Status of 3 or 4. Should one make it to Status 5, they are typically referred to as “Arms Master.”


Occultists have somehow made a profession of delving into forbidden arts. Each must have at least two Sorcery skill equal to the Level of the Role. Occultists typically have status 3 or higher.

As a reminder: Celestials can use sorcery skills as if they were knowledge skills, but cannot take advantage of their practical effects. On the other hand, an occultist can use their Roll to reduce the disturbance of Songs.


Most of the Darkest Dungeon’s Physicians work at the Sanitarium. Treat this Role the same as a Doctor. Add in a healthy degree of contempt for Plague Doctors (see next).

Plague Doctor

Don’t let the name fool you. While many have a modicum of Medicine, the skill that’s actually required for this Role is Chemistry. Most have a Status between 2 and 4.


These specialized artisans tend to stay to the town. They must take Smithing, which is a specialized Artisan variant that uses the lower of Strength and Precision. A Smith’s Status will be 3 or 4.


As with Antiquarians, Survival is the essential skill for Survivalists. However, Survivalists typically have Status between 1 and 3.


Within the Darkest Estate, teamsters are responsible for running supplies (including potential adventurers) into and out of the manor, and hosteling them as appropriate. Driving* is essential for the Teamster. Status is usually 2 or 3 – though “bosses” will have 4.

* Within this context refers to driving teams, not motorized vehicles.

Traveling Merchant

As with Grave Robbers, Fast Talk is a must for this Role. So is some means of transportation, so expect your GM to require you to take a Wagon or a Pack Animal as a Corporeal Artifact. However, unlike Grave Robbers, Traveling Merchants typically have a Status of 3 or 4.


A Vestal does not long stay a Vestal without the ability to say, “no,” when appropriate. These clergywomen typically have a will of 5 or higher, and their Detect Lies skill limits the Level of their Role. Status is often 3 or 4, though 5 is not unheard of.