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necronomiconCreatures of the Cthulhu Mythos and those who serve them are well known for using Eldrich song variants. Some others may have learned them as well, but Superiors of both sides discourage their use – the melodies they introduce to the Symphony make it easier for the Outer Gods to infiltrate reality.

These songs use Celestial Forces but also have a tendency to induce madness (in the form of Dissonance and Discord). As with all songs, knowing one variation increases the CD of all other variants by 1.


Sanity Rolls — The Sanity Roll is a type of Will roll. Characters who fail gain a number of temporary levels of Ethereal or Celestial Discord (or Disadvantages) equal to the CD. Celestials also gain an equivalent amount of Dissonance.

Eldrich Song of Affinity

“Aportion Ka”

The performer may remove the heart (or other internal organ) of a willing being and place it somewhere for safekeeping. In the case of a Celestial, this can create a new “heart” (destroying the old one in the process). Having an organ removed in this way automatically triggers a Sanity roll, on a failure treat the highest die as the CD. This song requires Essence equal to the subject’s Forces. In addition, the subject must take Disadvantages or Discords equal to their Forces minus the performance CD.

Eldrich Song of Artifacts

This song may be used by creatures of any realm to create Relics. Taking a level of Ethereal or Celestial discord (chosen by GM) may be substituted for each missing prerequisite.

Eldrich Song of Attraction

“Bait Humans”

This song causes humans (and those with human vessels or hosts) to see what they most desire at a location of the performer’s choosing. The performer may move this illusion so long as the song is still in effect. Should there be multiple witnesses, the object will be whatever they have the most shared desire for.

Eldrich Song(s) of Calling

“Call Outer God”

The performer may issue a non-compelling summons to a creature in the Eldrich Realms whose name is known. Many mistakenly think this song can summon an Outer God, it is not so – it merely shows them the way, most will come of their own accord. The performer must make a Sanity roll.

Eldrich Song of Charm

“Pipes of Madness”

Everyone who hears this song (including the performer) is temporarily inflicted with madness same as if they had failed a Sanity Roll by the performer’s CD. Celestials may attempt a Sanity roll to resist the dissonance effects, but if they fail the Sanity roll they will suffer both effects.

Eldrich Song of Darkness

“Curse of Darkness”

This song forces one known Eldrich being to succeed on a Willpower roll or be ejected back into the darkness from which it comes.

Eldrich Song of Direction

This song allows the performer to navigate the Eldrich Realms without getting lost.


Mortals gain Disadvantages instead of Discords.

Eldrich Song of Healing


This song allows the performer to trade sanity for their longevity. The performer gains a number of ranks of a randomly selected Ethereal or Celestial Discord equal to the CD. For an equivalent number of years the performer does not age.

Eldrich Song of Nightmares

“Curse of the Stone”

Performing this song requires a Sanity roll. The target will be afflicted with nightmares for a number of hours equal to the performance CD. Every night the target will must make a Sanity roll (use the lowest die for the CD). These effects will continue until the target succeeds on a number of Sanity rolls equal to the song’s CD.

Eldrich Song of Projection

“Wandering Soul”

The performer is able to project their image into the Eldrich Realms. One who has visited the Eldrich Realms before may project themselves into any location they’ve visited, others begin in a space “orthogonal” to their current position.

Eldrich Song of Seals

“Elder Sign”

This song “activates” a drawn Elder Sign. While active these signs prevent Eldrich Paths from being used and holds anything in an Eldrich Form at bay.

Numinous Corpus: Snake Hand (Eldrich)

“Hands of Colubra”

Unlike most Numinous Corpus, Hands of Colubra is sung with Celestial Forces. It causes, the performer’s hands to transform into venomous snake heads. Damage is the same as with Numinous Corpus: Bite, and anyone damaged by the hands suffers from a rank 1 poison with a speed equal to the song’s level. The performer must make a Sanity Roll using the lowest die as the CD.