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Fotothek_df_tg_0007129_Theosophie_^_AlchemieSome of my other tethers projects are taking longer than expected, so I figured it was time for this romp beyond the firmament.

Since most mortal forms can’t survive full vacuum (and since there are no mortals to witness them), it’s safe to assume that any Angel or Demon manifesting at an interplanetary tether will be in celestial form.

I have not included the Hindu Navagraha on this list, but it is safe to assume that each maintains a tether somewhere on the celestial body it represents.



The Archangel of Fire is known to maintain a massive tether connecting her Celestial volcano to the surface of the sun.



The Prince of Theft is said to have a secret cavern in the shape of an old temple buried beneath the surface of the planet. It is only ever used during Mercury’s night (29 out of every 58 days).


The Sumerian God of Writing is said to maintain one of his last corporeal tethers on this planet. Both Yves and Kronos are rumored to have access to this ancient cuneiform scriptorium, but neither would be greeted warmly.



Venus is one of Lucifer’s few known tethers. It is considered off limits to any celestial who does not wish to die a slow and painful death. Since Lucifer maintains no Infernal Palace, it is assumed that this tether connects to a secret retreat in the Lower Hells.



The Archangel of Dreams maintains a small outpost near the Apollo 11 landing site. Unfortunately, conspiracy theories about the moon landing keep it from being as powerful a tether as she’d like.


Humanity’s expansion into space has not been a clean one. Over the years we have built up a veritable ring of detritus around the planet which the Prince of Technology has claimed as his own.

Mansions of the Moon

In lore, the moon is one of the most populated celestial bodies. There is not room here to enumerate all the mansions of the moon, nor whom they owe their loyalty.



As Mount Olympus becomes increasingly closed off to the Greek Pantheon, they have made ever more use of Olympus Mons, much to the consternation of Athena and the delight of Ares.



As the Solar System’s largest storm, the Red Spot is a permanent tether to the Archangel of Wind. It is so large that its Seneschal is practically a minor Superior it their own right.


Belial lacks the strength to take the Sun from Gabriel – but he does vent his rage on the Io, the Solar System’s most volcanically active object.


Somewhere beneath the outer clouds of Jupiter, Marduk maintains a tether to his godly residence in the Marches. Some say it is also in the Red Spot, but that seems unlikely given how much sway Janus has over the region.



The Prince of Factions is said to grant out fiefdoms among the the massive rings surrounding the planet. The chilly and solitary moonlets are ideal towers for his more isolationist nobles.



The Baron of Butt Jokes managed to dodge a trap laid by the Prince of Dark Humor when the noble had one of their underlings named the Seneschal of Uranus. Few will visit the large (and gaseous) estate for fear the smell might cling.