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Benign-Neglect-TrowsNow that there are pages up for each of the Canonical Superiors (except Vephar – I’ll add his once I’ve made a write-up for him), the next natural step is to do something similar for each of the Bands and Choirs.

The problem is that something like that already exists in the form of the Angelic Player’s Guide and the Infernal Player’s Guide.

When I started this blog I committed myself to not duplicating official source material from Steve Jackson Games. This is their IP, and even though they’ve left it to wither on the proverbial vine, I have no desire to do anything that might reduce their sales.

If I am going to create Band and Choir write ups, I need to do it in a way that will supplement rather than supplant the existing materials. Unfortunately for me, the Player’s Guides really are quite thorough.

They include a brief summary of each choir or band, a list of notable members, guidelines on naming, lists of common (and less common) duties, typical outlooks and attitudes, guidelines on picking out Words for Wordbound, and a small selection of custom or thematic discords.

The only pieces they really seem to be missing are the mechanics (found in the Core Rules and which I definitely will not post on this blog without explicit permission from SJ Games), and a complete list of NPCs (which is done quite well on the INcyclopedia).

So I’m asking for your help:

Aside from summarizing the places where specific bands and choirs are listed on Liber Neglecta (including the new NPCs from each group) – what sorts of resources would be useful to you?

How can I make Band and Choir pages worthwhile without duplicating paid content?

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to seeing your feedback!