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mistletoeSeason’s Greetings!

Rather than a wintry adventure, this year I thought I might examine some of the mythical properties of Mistletoe and how they can be applied to relics.

Christmas Dingle

While the Christmas Dingle is occasionally created by Eli or Novalis, it’s Kobal and Andrealphus who typically get the most use out of it. While social convention provides plenty of pressure for someone caught under the mistletoe to kiss whomever they see, the enchanted Christmas Dingle compels it.

The most common version of the Christmas Dingle contains the Ethereal Song of Attraction, although the Corporeal Song of Ecstasy is not unheard of.

Regardless of which form is used, the Dingle must be fixed in place. While hung it accumulates one point of essence per day, during Winter it’s song will affect anyone who passes beneath it so long as it still has essence.

Level: Varies (Typically 1)
Cost: (Level x7) – 4
Typical Dingle: Level 1, Cost 3
Features: Essence Restricted to Relic, Double Essence Capacity, Recharging Somewhat Difficult, Easy to Destroy, Seasonal (Winter)
Activation: Hang

Elixir of Oaken Mistletoe

As this elixir contains a few strands of the Corporeal Song of Fruition, it is rare to find among celestial populations. Instead, what little exists in the world is made mostly by druids and neo-pagans. The ritual to make the drought requires a live sacrifice (typically of a white bull) and can only be performed at certain times of year.

Level: 1
Cost: 1 CP
Features: Single use, spoiled if vessel is destroyed
Activation: Drink elixir, Corporeal Forces +1

Baldr’s Bane

Baldr’s Bane is a javelin formed from an especially large and sturdy mistletoe. Loki had it specifically enchanted to render the invulnerable vulnerable (it is unclear if Loki sang the Celestial Song of Oblivion into it himself, or if he coerced some other Ethereal or Celestial to do so). In addition to its rather devastating Song, Baldr’s Bane is also a Talisman, granting anyone who throws it 6 levels of the Throwing skill.

The spear’s current location is unknown.

Unique Talisman, Relic, and Reliquary (McGuffin)
Features: Essence Restricted to Relic
Activation: Successful Small Weapons (Spears) -or- Thrown Weapon roll against target.