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Steve Jackson Games has done a good job of providing sample Malakite Oaths whenever they publish an expanded write-up on an Archangel. However, several of the Archangels have not yet received this treatment. Over the next couple months, I’ll post suggestions for these “orphaned” virtues instead of my usual mid-week memes.

christophersymChristopher is concerned with protecting childhood and childishness – themes that will likely be reflected in any oaths his Malakim take. With that in mind, I expect these would be some of the more common vows for his blackwings:

  • I will not lose my temper when there are children present
  • I will purify any school that has been corrupted
  • I will help any child find their way home
  • I will always stand between a child and harm
  • I will heal any child who has suffered from cruelty or neglect
  • I will always observe the rules of childrens’ games
    (won’t step on cracks, holds breath in tunnels, silent when ‘jinxed’, &c)
  • I will not lie to a child
  • I will remind adults what it means to be a child
  • I will never stop no matter how heavy the burden