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“The sea is a world of its own, why limit the worlds that you walk?”

Sigil of Vepar - GoetiaVephar is a case study in the hazard of impatience. As one of the Elohim he was granted the word Sailors. Like all gifts from the Lord, it was Good – but not good enough for Vephar. At the dawn of man there were no Sailors to speak of. Vephar felt swindled (though, of course, there was not yet a word for how he felt), so he claimed the Seas for himself in spite of what God had to say about it.

Vephar’s tenure in hell was marked by two major relationships – a strange alliance with Belial (where each egged the other on to greater acts of destruction) and a love/hate relationship with Mariel. Above all else, Vephar wanted to be remembered – but he also had a lot he wished to forget (and a great tool at his disposal for “losing” things). While Servitors of Oblivion and The Sea were frequently at odds, their superiors were closer to each other than most denizens of hell.

Eventually Oannes, Vephar’s one time Superior, hunted down and killed the fallen Elohite, but not before he helped Hell gain a firm toehold within The Sea.

Dissonance Condition

It is dissonance for any servitor of Vephar to spend 24 hours on land.

Band Attunements

Balseraph – Aboard ship, the Balseraphs of the Sea tend to gravitate towards Command. They like it when their word is law. They are also the masters of deceptive waters and may oppose any nautical skill roll with a raw Celestial Forces roll.

Djinn – Vephar’s Stalkers make his best navigators and ship handlers. While at sea they can renew their attunements with a successful Will roll (no contact required).

Calabim – The Destroyers of The Sea are master gunners and walking tempests. Add their Ethereal Forces to the CD of song used to make the weather more inclement, and to any artillery based damage they do.

Habbalah – Vaphar’s Punishers serve as both gaolers and carpenters. Add their Corporeal Forces as a bonus to both the TN and CD of ship based repair and crafting rolls.

Lilim – Lilim in Service to Vephar favor roles as pursers and recruiters. They can tell at a glance when someone feels the call of the sea.

Shedim – The Shedim of The Sea don’t usually like the responsibility of command, and instead tend to possess ratings and petty officers. While at sea they only need to corrupt their host 1/week.

Impudites – Vephar’s Takers tend to gravitate towards roles as cooks and surgeons, though they are also known to have a knack for piracy. These demons do not suffer dissonance for harming a mortal while at sea.

Servitor Attunements

Bounty of the Sea – The sea brings life and it takes it away. For each point of Essence this demon spends, they may take from a body of water sufficient food to feed for one day a number of people equal to their Corporeal Forces.

Scurvy Dog – Every day that someone stays withing 100 yards of this demon they will suffer a -1 TN penalty to Strength rolls made to resist diseases. These penalties will accumulate until they equal the demon’s corporeal forces.


Knight of the Forecastle

Upon reaching this distinction a demon shall suffer no penalties for unsure footing at sea.

Captain of the High Seas

Upon taking formal command of a nautical vessel, this demon becomes aware of everything happening aboard it.

Baron of the Admiralty

Vephar’s Barons can perceive the location of any offshore, non-renegade demon within 10 miles per Celestial Force.

Higher Distinctions

Count of the Seven Seas

Much to the consternation of the infernal heralds, there are close to 80 of these nobles with each acting as the Seneschal of a major body of water (including some lakes and rivers).

Dukes of the Ocean

Like Vephar’s Counts, his Dukes are each Seneschals of a major body of water – one for each major earthly Ocean, though it should be noted that their domains are mortal and infernal alike.


Allied: Belial
Associated: Andrealphus, Genubath, Lilith
Hostile: Asmodeus, Mammon. Mariel
Enemies: Meserach

Basic Rites

  • Drown six humans (not necessarily at the same time)
  • Spend 1 hour watching 30′ waves break against a coast or vessel
  • Spend 24 hours at sea


Base Chance of Invocation: 0

+1 a garland sacrifice
+2 three hours from the nearest landfall
+3 an animal sacrifice
+4 a shipwreck
+4 24 hours from the nearest landfall
+5 a human sacrifice
+6 one week from the nearest landfall
+8 one month from the nearest landfall