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phylogenetic_tree_2Most Celestials in In Nomine have only one parent: their first Superior. At some point this parent spun together the Forces of the Symphony and bound them together into a new sentience.

However, some Celestials are born from the union of Servitors. These angels and demons typically have anywhere between 3 and 9 parents. The presence of exactly two parents is almost unheard of among celestials – instead celibacy and polyamory are more likely to govern their interactions with each other.

It should be noted that even when a celestial is born from the union of angels or demons, a Superior is involved. This means that most of the time only angels participate in the birth of a new angel and only demons participate in the birth of a new demon. An Archangel might allow for a “redemption through rebirth” for a demon who is letting the rest of their forces be disbanded, and a Demon Prince might say yes in order to secure blackmail material, but it’s usually never a favorable arrangement.

Mixed group of angels and demons want to have a child together without quite so many strings attached will likely seek out Lilith (who will agree so long as the price is right) or one of Eli’s Servitors with the Midwife attunement. Children of these more illicit unions may end up as either angels or demons and are usually kept hidden from both sides until they are mature enough to decide on a path of their own.

Because of how expensive a celestial child is (both in terms of Forces surrendered and favors owed) it tends to be the providence of more powerful Celestials – especially in hell. Dukes and Counts may have Houses of actual family members, but most other celestials are unlikely to have contributed to the birth of one child celestial, let alone 5 or more (Festinate is a notable exception).

Rules for Celestial Unions

  • Every Force that goes into the child of a celestial union must come from one of the parents.
  • Every Parent may contribute 1 Force of each type.
    • This means Wordbound can contribute 4 Forces, the Word Force can be converted into any other kind of Force.
  • The Superior or Midwife will typically contribute only 1 Force (chosen by the GM)
  • Determine if the child will be angelic or demonic
    • If there are more angelic Forces, the child will be an angel or reliever
    • If there are more demonic Forces, the child will be a demon or demonling
    • In a tie, the Superior decides. If there is no Superior, flip a coin.
  • Determine if the child has fledged
    • If an angelic child has 9 or more Forces, it fledges (proceed to band/choir), otherwise it is a reliever.
    • If a demonic child has 7 or more Forces, it fledges (proceed to band/choir), otherwise it is an imp or gremlin.
  • Determine the band/choir
    • Count up the Forces contributed by each band/choir pair. The band or choir is determined by whichever pair has the most Forces.
    • If a demon or demonling is being created, do not count Forces from Malakim.
    • Do not ever count forces from Lilim – they can only be created if all Forces come from Lilim.

Ethereal Parents

  • Generally speaking, an Etherial will not participate in the birth of a new Celestial.
  • If an Archangel or Demonic Prince is involved, the child will not be Ethereal no matter how many Forces they contribute.
  • If an Ethereal Superior, Midwife, or Lilith is involved, the child will be an Ethereal if most of the Forces come from Ethereals.
  • If the child is a Celestial, the Ethereals’ Forces will not impact the band, choir, or side of the newborn.

Mortal Parents

  • Celestials are not born of flesh. As such, only the souls of deceased mortals can contribute to the birth of a new Celestial.
  • Mortal Souls can only contribute Ethereal or Celestial Forces
    • It is rumored that Lilith can extract Corporeal Forces, but it requires she be present at a live sacrifice.
  • Extracting Forces from a Mortal Soul will destroy it (frowned upon in heaven).
  • Celestials born with Ethereal or Celestial forces from a mortal may share in the mortal’s memories, but are a new being (see Esther, NSFW)

Infernal Lilim/Malakite Child

If you’ve been reading closely, you’ll have noticed that a child of Lilim and Malakim who has more Forces of an Infernal nature cannot be assigned a band.

What happens in this case is left as an exercise to the GM.

Bare in mind, in order for this to come up at all the Midwife must also be a Lilim or Malakite (otherwise the child would conform to the Midwife’s band/choir pair).