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Given how rich a world Steve Jackson created for In Nomine, I am consistently surprised by how few actual options there are for Resources. In this post will list out several categories of Resource I think should be part of the game, and whether or not they are.

This might (in turn) help inform whether or not there should be more Character Points awarded at character creation (but that would be an exercise for a future post).

Personal Development


Special abilities typically granted by one’s own Superior, but which can be granted by other Superiors under exceptional circumstances.


Charisma currently exists as an odd mix of persuasion, magnetism, societal privilege, and appearance. In the d666 system it is linked to the vessel, in GURPs it is linked to the soul.

Reaction Time

The ability to act faster than those around you. Does not currently exist in any form.


Additional methods of regaining essence; generally imply some sort of connection to the granting Superior or Wordbound. Currently exist as Rites.


Ability to perform specific mundane tasks. Currently exists as Skill.


Ability to perform specific supernatural tasks. Currently exists as Songs.


Extra bodily durability. Currently exists as Vessel (for Celestials) and Toughness (for Mortals). I am in favor of giving player characters one Vessel for free.

Social Networks


A measure of how well a character fits into the mortal world. Serves to mute their disturbances in the symphony. Currently exists as Role.


Angels, Demons, Gods, Dreams, Humans or Organizations which the character is connected with but does not control. An ally can provide information (like a contact) or do small to moderate favors for the character that are in line with the ally’s role or function. Allies are independent from the character and will sometimes have objectives of their own or require assistance in return. The closest equivalent is a Servant.


Friends and acquaintances that can provide information in a wide range of expertise. Each level gives access to another area of expertise. Currently exists as a mix of Role and Followers.


A measure of how well known the characters is outside their immediate circle of friends. I can range from the bartender at the local hot spot (level 1) to internationally famous movie star (level 6). Currently part of Status.


Someone owes the character a debt or favor, or the character already has some notable Geas hooks. The debtor is typically more powerful than a Servant, but once called in the debt will be discharged. Closest equivalent is Servant.


A more senior angel or demon who is willing to train the character and give them guidance. Also gives easier access to songs and rites should the character wish to learn one in the future. Closest equivalent is a Servant.


Also known as retainers, minions, and interns. Typically a human, reliever, or demonling who serves the character. While technically an independent character, servants are almost entirely in the thrall of the character and can basically be ordered to do anything (though they can be more resistant if it’s out of character). Currently exists as Servant.

Status: Mortal

The character’s ability to order folks about or bypass standard protocols while in their mortal guise, typically limited to a single chain of command. Currently part of Status.

Status: Celestial

The character’s ability to order celestials about or bypass standard protocols when dealing with either heaven or hell. Currently controlled by Distinction – cannot be purchased with CP.


There is a place where everyone knows your face. You are greeted by name when you walk in the door; your favorite beer hits the table before your menu does; people here know you (or think they do). Currently part of Role… sort of.


Provides the GM extra CP to enhance the stats (or attitude) of the Angel or Demon who oversees the player characters. If the characters share a supervisor, they can pool CP.

Material Objects


Items that are with the character so often they are practically a part of the character. A typical mortal in a first world country probably starts with their keys, wallet, mobile phone as level 1 artifacts. Currently exist as Artifacts.


The character manages a Celestial holding. This can occasionally provide the character with other resources, informants within heaven or hell (as appropriate), and a home base while in the relevant Celestial realm. Does not currently exist.


Items that grant extra skill to their users and have a material presence within The Marches, effectively transferable skill. Currently exist as Talismans.


Items that contain songs or other supernatural abilities within them, effectively transferable songs. Currently exist as Relics.


Items that can store and accumulate extra essence. Similar to Rites that can be used by anyone. Currently exist as Reliquaries.


A measure of buying power and quality of life in the mortal world; especially useful for Lilim or Servitors of Marc and Mammon. Currently part of Status.

Where to Begin?

Some of these new resource types would require a notable re-write of the character creation mechanics to introduce. Before I start fiddle with the building blocks of character creation, do any of these resource types appeal to other players & game masters?

Should I write up more detailed rules for any of them, and if so – which would you be most interested in seeing first?