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JordiOfficially, Jordi’s Virtues are associated with canines such as dogs, wolves, jackals, and coyotes. I tend to take a more expanded view, allowing them to primarily associate with any “beasts of the earth.”

Either way, the following vows would be fairly common:

  • I will not leave my pack/pride/fight behind.
  • I will not hunt or kill with human weapons.
  • I will not eat anything that I did not hunt/gather/scavenge myself.
  • I will not let an animal come to harm by human hands.
  • I will not let an animal come to harm by celestial hands.
  • I will live as an animal from sunrise to sunrise at least once each week.
  • I will not allow animal abuse to go unpunished
  • I will confront any creature that encroaches on my territory.
  • I will not allow human development to encroach on animal habitats when it is my choice.