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Metatron2There is a strange story that circulates among those who have seen either the Book of Names or the Book of Death. They claim that Lucifer never survived the War in Heaven; instead he was struck down by Metatron who was so stricken with grief that he perjured himself before all creation to claim that it was he who died. Unfortunately, his saying it “made it so” and “made it good,” and from that point forward Metatron “became” Lucifer, Prince of Lies.

Basis for the Heresty

The Heresy of Truth and Lies focuses on the nature of Words and the Fall.

Wordbound angels who Fall typically gain an infernal word that is a dark reflection of what they served in heaven. Fractures becomes Factions, Fears becomes Nightmares, and so on. With this in mind, it would make sense for the Archangel of Light to become the Prince of Darkness, but not to become the Prince of Lies.

This distinction is important because would take a Word like Lies to be able to Rename things within the Symphony or bind them to new Words.

Lies may not be the infernal counterpart to Light, but it is the infernal counterpart to The Word.

Heavenly Opinions

This is not a heresy that is spoken of openly. If true it means that heaven’s vilest foe is it’s most enshrined hero. That the evil which now soaks the world below is not perpetuated by the first rebel, but by the very mouth of god.

Generally speaking, the only angels ever likely to encounter this heresy are the Servitors of Judgement and the Servitors of Destiny.

    • Yves asks his servitors which story they think better serves the redemption of man. If their answer shows thought, he leaves them be.
    • Dominic will ask those who know the story not to repeat such blasphemies. Being Judgement, he is probably conducting an investigation of his own, but if so he has shared no information about it.
    • Others archangels will consider the story to be a fantasy and falsehood and will respond accordingly.

Infernal Opinions

If true, speaking openly of this heresy would be a good way to get killed or worse. Certainly no one who has had an audience with Lucifer is known to have repeated it again.

  • Asmodeus is actively trying to keep the heresy suppressed, though there is a lot of leeway given to those who find an advantageous was of leaking the information.
  • Kobal knows of the heresy, and may even know the truth behind it. Something keeps Hell’s Jester awake at night, and no one knows quite what.
  • Saminga also probably knows the truth by now, but isn’t sharing. Still, spreading word of the heresy around isn’t healthy, so he discourages servitors if only as a way to look after his own investments in them.
  • Kronos doesn’t much care. It makes little actual difference, and the sources for the heresy are inherently unreliable.
  • Vapula is curious and may be researching but never overtly. Players who bring the heresy up may be reassigned to one of his investigative teams


The Heresy of Truth and Lies falls into that elite class of deeply troubling variations to the game setting that do not require any change to the mechanics at all.

Instead it takes the existing mechanics and offers another (possibly better) explanation for why they exist.

What are your thoughts? Could you see the Prince of Lies being a fallen Metatron?