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In the celestial realm Seraphim appear as winged serpents with many eyes. While the graphics in the core manual paint a very specific image, there is actually a lot of variability within those guidelines.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are a couple of ideas for each Superior:


  • A daydream of a great serpent in flight whose words are remembered from a moment ago rather than being heard in real time.
  • The exact form of the seraph is hard to make out as at least four of their eight white wings is dedicated to modesty at any given point. In addition to the eyes on their face, each wing sports an additional eye at the shoulder.


  • A small, black, many-eyed snake wreathed protectively around a much larger winged egg of brown and white.
  • A distant memory of a wise serpent with four pairs of eyes and six vast shadowy wings that “occupies” the angel’s space.


  • Almost like a winged sculpture of a white snake carved from marble and accented by a single gold vein. Only the deep intelligence of its ruby eyes spoil the illusion.
  • A massive boa of gray rock mottled with green moss. Ten spider-like eyes dot the angle’s stony face and it’s wings unfold like hillsides.


  • Six sinuous snake like wings arrayed in three pairs around a gigantic eye at the head of an even larger snakelike body.
  • Eight piercing eyes stare out from under the cowl angel’s simple brown justicar robes. Six white wings flank its straight and unexceptional form.


  • A winged snake thrown from wet clay which moves against the surrounding elements as if its motions were driven by vast invisible hands and not the wind and earth and rain.
  • More outline than form – the shape of this winged snake is always crafted from the boundaries of things in the surrounding symphony: clouds, waves, sidewalk cracks. Even so, their shape and presence are unmistakable.


  • A snake of smoke and fire with four rows of glimmering eyes and a pair of great billowing black wings.
  • An arc of yellowish solar plasma with eyes like miniature suns. If the angel has wings at all they are all but impossible to see against the glare of their very being.


  • A snake of blue and white wreathed by a pinwheel of wings that spin idly in the wind. Their four eyes look to the four corners of the sky.
  • A towering storm head formed of a winged snake of clouds that curls around upon itself in a great coil. It’s tail rattles with thunder and eyes flash with lighting.


  • A serpent of blue lightning with 16 flashing yellow eyes throughout its body.
  • A winged serpent of polished chrome. The metalic scales reflect both the unvarnished truth and the blue glow from their cerulean eyes that crackle with barely contained electricity.


  • A king cobra with chevrons of brown and gold that hides a dozen pairs of eyes within its hood and sports two great white wings from its back.
  • A great sinuous sky reptile that resembles one of it’s prehistoric nautical counterparts: 30′ long with four fin-like wings, a crocodile head, and three rows of eyes.


  • A sagacious serpent cast in bronze ringed by eyes so that one may always look to Jerusalem and another to Mecca while the rest engage with the more immediate environs.
  • The seraph is formed of bold red and black strokes of ink spelling out the angels true name in the heavenly script.


  • A winged serpent with razor sharp scales that rattle on their skin like so many readied arms. Wary eyes spiral down the angel’s entire length to ensure every corner is observed.
  • From a distance they appear as a new Star of Bethlehem, but on close approach their great wings look more like the golden cross-guard of a flaming sword. Ten gleaming eyes in a tree of life pattern adorn their pommel-like head.


  • A geometric pattern of cold heavenly light that refracts into the impression of three great wings arrayed along a single axis.
  • In amethyst snake glimmering in constant curiosity: each scale the iridescent purple lid to another eye. A quartet of wings offer the only reprise from the constant glint of observation.


  • A serpent of living gold with row upon row of perfectly inlaid emerald eyes and white feather wings of hammered platinum.
  • A two headed, two winged serpent wrapped closely around a golden staff. Each head has four calculating black eyes.


  • A flying russet and brown water moccasin who is missing assorted eyes, pinions, and scales up and down their great body; celestial trophies from their battles with hell.
  • A flint gray serpent of stern countenance with six eyes and two bowed wings projecting out to either side like the blades of an axe.


  • A boa constrictor woven from branches and vines. Flowers, ferns, and moss grow out in patches from beneath their leafy scales and their wings blossom like garlands.
  • A garden snake with luna moth wings and a crown of thorns. The eyes on the wings are as animate as the ones on the serpent’s face.


  • A winged serpent wreathed in spirals of fire, wings, and eyes; forever devouring its own tail.
  • A dark brown pseudoscorpion with a snakelike tail and four pairs of leg-like wings with a pair of celestial glasses set down over the first of its three pairs of eyes.


  • A teal headed snake with five blue nazar eyes arrayed around it’s head. Its wings are lined with peacock feathers and it’s scales form complex symmetrical wards of blues and grays.
  • A brown, beturbaned serpent ringed by eight steel left wings that act as interlinking heater shields.