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green bandanaIn Game

Due to a shutdown of online personals, sex workers have been returning to the street where they are disappearing in record numbers.

  • Find the angel/demon responsible and hold them to account
  • Keep someone safe as they negotiate the loss of online platforms and allies

Out of Game

Since the passage of SESTA/FOSTA (which was ostensibly meant to reduce human trafficking) the number of sex workers walking the streets has skyrocketed, pimps have been emboldened to reach out to former independents, abusers who had been informally blacklisted are able to re-insert themselves into the market, and sex worker disappearances have been climbing.

Unfortunately, this cannot be solved by simply beating up a couple of nasty demons IRL. The missions here require patience, resources, and coalition.

Please read up on the impacts of SESTA/FOSTA

Consider giving if you are able