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Sun-GalgalielThe world is all alone in a vast void, give it what light and warmth you can.

Although he is billions of years old, Galgaliel remains a child. He has never really had the sorts of interactions which might cause him to mature – his corona is too dangerous for prolonged trips to earth, and most angels have little cause to visit him.

Even his parents are distant:

  • Lucifer brought Galgaliel light and taught The Sun how to be an angel, but turned his back when Galgaliel would not abandon heaven. The two have never forgiven each other for the percieved betrayals of the other.
  • Gabriel has only recently started to reconnect with her son after leaving him alone for millenia, her occasional rages don’t lend themselves to building bridges. The door may forever be open to Galgaliel, but it would take a lot to convince him to step through it to the caldera of her Celestial Volcano.
  • Eli comes and goes as he pleases, but rarely stays very long and has few words to say. Galgaliel is “done” as far as Eli is concerned. There isn’t much the Sun can make on his own that the great designer has not already seen.

Galgaliel’s few Servitors are fiercely loyal, very patient, and generally self-motivated. They need to be, when their Superior is worried that any attempts to engage with the Earth or the beings upon it will cause him to spoil yet another thing that he loves.

As for Galgaliel – his thoughts often drift towards the infinite and unfathomable as a form of refuge. When he can be convinced to engage he will treat his servitors as equals, seeking both their comfort and favor so long as it does not require him to voice dissent. When push comes to shove, he’d rather appease the other Angels (even fallen ones) than make an enemy. He also considers it presumptuous for any former Servitor of Lucifer to call themself an Archangel, and has instead adopted the title of Provost.

Galgaliel’s Imaginary Friends

Galgaliel is remarkably welcoming to Ethereals for an Angel and considers sun gods to be his own personal imaginary friends (often dismissing and ignoring their own stories to come up with ones of his own). Solar dieties typically chafe at this treatment, but it is still safer and more welcoming than what they can expect from elsewhere in Heaven.

Leader of the Ofanim

Only the Angels of the Sun get to see how lonely Galgaliel is. When speaking before the Seraphim council or any of the Archangels, he is a powerful and dedicated advocate for the Wheels of Heaven. Though it is unlikely they will catch a glimpse of their de-facto leader, every Ofanite is welcome on the Sun.

Dissonance Condition

It is dissonant for an Angel of the Sun to trust anyone. In game terms they gain dissonance if they ever accept someone’s word without either verifying it or creating contingency plans should it prove false. They also gain dissonance for willingly sharing personal information about themselves.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim – Galgaliel’s Most High know better than most that their Archangel is bad at expressing or enforcing limits, and so they have taken this duty upon themselves. Whenever one of these Angels uses a song or skill to establish a boundary, they may add their Celestial Forces to the CD.

Cherubim – The Cherubim of the Sun are particularly protective of their Superior and know the exact location of the Sun at all times. They always know the time to the nearest half hour and can add their Corporeal Forces to any type of navigation roll.

Ofanim – The Wheels of Galgaliel are ever ready to return to being fiery spirals of plasma. These angels do not require an action to assume their Celestial Form.

Elohim – The Elohim of Galgaliel are noted for their patience. They may add their Ethereal Forces to the TN of any Will roll made to resist giving up or taking hasty action.

Malakim – The Virtues of the Sun are warm, supportive, and surprisingly non-judgemental for their choir. These angels add their Celestial Forces when using the Healing or Emote skill.

Kyriotatesrestricted – Galgaliel’s Kyriotates do not require a vessel while in direct sunlight. In addition their celestial forms are blinding, but not shocking when viewed in direct sunlight.

Mercurians – The Sun’s Mercurians can tell at a glance when someone does not want to interact, and can send encouragement (or gift Essence) without violating this wish.

Grigori – Any Watchers who serve Galgaliel can tell at a glance if someone has received a boon from Eli, Gabriel, or Lucifer, and which of the three it came from.

Bright Lilim– The Sun’s Lilim can spend a point of Essence while they are enouraging someone in order to give them the benefit of that Essence.

Servitor Attunements

Fusion (aka Philosopher’s Stone)

Angels with the gift of Fusion can recognize any pure element by touch and can gather it in their hands regardless of what physical state it is in. Compressing their hands and spending 5 Essence allows the angel to increase it’s atomic number by 1.

Solar Powered

By touching any electronic device, this angel may spend 1 Essence to provide it with power to run until sundown.

Sun Spot

By spending 1 Essence this angel may disrupt any or all radio, microwave, or cellular signals within a 10′ radius per Corporeal Force for the next hour. For 2 essence the angel can disrupt any electronics.


Vassal of the Sun

Angels of this distinction are immune to harm from light, fire, electricity, or radiation.

Friend of the The Nearest Star

These angels have a permanent +2 bonus to invoke Galgaliel and may produce sunlight from the palms of their hands at will.

Master of Daylight

During the day these angels may clear the sky of clouds with a thought. This is automatic if the clouds occurred naturally. If the inclement weather was caused by a Song, Attunement, or similar ability the Master of Sunshine must succeed on a Will check and roll a higher CD than the person creating the weather.


Allied: Blandine
Friendly: David, Novalis
Hostile: Dominic, Eli, Gabriel, Lawrence
Enemies: None


Chance of Invocation: 0

+1 More than a week since the last attempt to invoke Galgaliel
+2 A sundial
+3 Less than a month since the last attempt to invoked Galgaliel
+4 A sunny day
+5 An open patch of terrain where no shadows will fall for 4 hours
+6 On last invocation, you did not discuss any business or favors

Note: If an Ofanite has never invoked Galgaliel before, they may also use the +6 bonus.

Common Malakite Vows

  • I will not allow Galgaliel’s parents to do more harm
    when it is within my ability to stop them
  • I will bring a ray of sunshine to those who need it
  • I will respect the wishes and agency of those I defend
  • I will not speak/raise my voice above a whisper
  • I will always have a plan even if I do not follow it
  • I will help anyone who is lonely or depressed find help