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Sigil of Andrealphus - GoetiaThere are any number of questions one could ask about Andrealphus:

  • Why is the Prince of Lust always a Dom?
  • Do Incubi and Sucibi exist?
  • How come slavery consistently has a closer connection to Lust than to Greed, Cruelty, or Factions?

The one I want to focus on today is this:

“How can you keep a Servitors of Andrealphus from being a rapist?”

For the sake of this piece, I am defining rape as either sexual activity which has not been consented to -or- sexual activity for which the consent was coerced.

There are two parts to this problem.

The first part is that Andrealphus forbids all his followers from feeling or showing concern for others. This means that in order to keep their character from becoming a rapist, a player needs to pick a motive other than respect that causes them to honor consent boundaries.

Aversion to arrest/exclusion are the two motives that are easiest to reach for, but both of them only require the appearance of consent.

This gets compounded by the second part, which is that several of Andrealphus’ Attunements and Songs are inherently coercive in ways that are impossible for normal people to detect.

  • The Balseraph Attunement only has an impact if someone is being exposed to a physical sensation they don’t like.
  • The Djinn Attunement only has an impact if someone is being subjected to circumstances that would usually cause them to freak out.
  • The Enslavement Song… well it’s in the name.
  • &c

There are ways to address this question, but it does require a concerted effort on the part of the player and a GM who is willing to make a corresponding carve-out from Lust’s dissonance condition.

  1. The demon has a kink for consent.
  2. The demon is asexual. They inflame the lust of others because that’s their job, but do nothing to direct (or redirect) that lust, except maybe to point it away from their own person.
  3. The demon is submissive and can’t stand the idea of controlling their partner (but will gladly make whatever their partners are doing feel better).
  4. The demon doesn’t care enough about the flesh vessels around them to pursue one who is uninterested; they’ll just grab another who is.
  5. The demon is too proud to take a partner they need supernatural abilities to win over.
  6. The demon is too lazy to pursue any partner who doesn’t fall into their lap.

Basically, I would suggest that GMs allow any motive that makes respecting consent somehow about the demon’s desires.