It’s that time again – spring is here and I once again wonder if I wouldn’t rather have some other writing project. That said, this time I won’t be leaving you in the lurch.

I have prepared a few months worth of posts which will continue to run while I see if I can actually keep to any other topic with as much dedication as I have kept to this one.

Producing so much content in such little time has led to some compromises.

  • There will be fewer list posts (superiors, duke equivalencies, choir descriptions)
  • There will be fewer posts for The Seed & The Rot
  • There will be fewer posts involving extensive research

Basically, anything particularly time consuming has gone by the wayside.

That said, there will be plenty of NPCs, some fun new abilities, a handful of requests I’ve been dragging my feet on, and I hope a couple of surprises.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to turn out a book review for Club Dumas (recommended to me by the SF Church of Satan, and definitely worth the read).