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Dharma_wheel,_China,_Qing_dynasty,_Qianlong_period,_1736-1795_AD,_famille_rose_with_golden_glaze_-_Sichuan_Provincial_Museum_-_Chengdu,_China_-_DSC04134I have previously suggested that since Malakim are Virtues, anything viewed as virtuous would be a good candidate for a Malakite Word. This is not just limited to western systems of morality.

The Noble Eightfold Path is such a system. It is observed by several Buddhist sects as a guide towards proper living and mindfulness. Because I am not a Buddhist, my treatment of these principles is inherently imprecise and runs the danger of being overly simplistic and appropriative. Unfortunately, I am unaware of any Buddhists who have written on the Malakim of In Nomine, nor do I currently have the reach to enlist one.

As such, I am making my best approximation – but I would encourage anyone thinking of including these Virtues into one of their games to conduct additional research of their own, and if any of you know of a Buddhist gamer with a penchant for Abrahamic RPGs, I would love the chance to defer to their greater experience.

Right View

In the simplest possible terms, right understanding is the awareness that actions have consequences in both this world and the next. It is an outlook that most recommends itself to a Malakite of Yves.

Right Resolve

There are two main ways of viewing right resolve. The first is to wish no ill on anyone. The other is to shed oneself of worldly comforts in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Resolve tends to be the domain of Lawrence and David, and of the two Lawrence is the better fit. Alternately, Uriel would not be a bad fit either.

Right Speech

This angel is interested in speech that is truthful, necessary, and kind (or courteous). Arguments could be made for Yves or Gabriel, but given the focus on honesty I would actually tap a Malakite of Lithroy for this Word.

Right Conduct

To embody this word one must abstain from killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, and other improprieties. If you view it more as a moral code the Angel would serve Lawrence, if you view it as representing the judgement and discernment necessary to avoid improper conduct, Dominic would be a better fit.

I have previously suggested Zehanpuryuh, a Seraph turned Malakite, as the Angel of Right Conduct.

Right Livelihood

While right livelihood can include asceticism, it can more broadly be considered to living and working in a way that neither cheats nor harms others. Because this is mostly determined by how one interacts with others and whom one chooses to engage in exchange with, I suspect the Malakite of Right Livelihood would serve Marc.

Right Effort

Right effort can be viewed as a kind of internal devotion to prevent evil from arising within. It requires a faith in one self, in ones sense of balance, and in one’s ability to recognize misplaced faith, and as such the Virtue likely serves Khalid (though Lawrence or Uriel are also possibilities).

Right Mindfulness

Those who practice right mindfulness recognize the signals from their body, emotions, mental state, and the outside world as each being genuine and able to influence each other, but ultimately distinct. It is a type of living artistry suitable to Eli and a clarity of naming the world that seems most in line with Yves.

Right Concentration

Right concentration can be though of as a unification of the mind focused as if towards a single purpose but without any focus or goal. It is a honing of the mind, and as such, probably best assigned to Lawrence, though Yves is a reasonable contender.

Final Thoughts

So far I have tackled each of the Virtues as an individual. If taken as a group, I think it would be appropriate for each to serve a different Superior:

Right View (Yves), Right Resolve (Uriel), Right Speech (Lithroy), Right Conduct (Dominic), Right Livelihood (Marc), Right Effort (Khalid), Right Mindfulness (Eli), Right Concentration (Lawrence)