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I feel like I’ve done a rather poor job of introducing new magical items. Liber Reliquarum really does do a fantastic job of explaining how to go about creating and balancing new items. But, of course, knowing which items to introduce can itself be a bit of a challenge.

I figured the best way to break my fast on this topic was with, well, you know…

The Mundane Egg

Mundane Eggs are very rare, but by no means unique. They can create new worlds, typically Ethereal Domains (though exceptions are rumored to exist). For some reason demons really like to garnish it with paprika. Breaking the egg will destroy the artifact

Mundane Egg

  • Ethereal Song of Creation/6
  • Dedicated Reliquary/4
  • Usable by humans, only usable by owner owner
  • Activation TN: Ethereal Forces + 6
  • Single Use
  • Disturbance: 10
  • Cost: 8 CP

Note: a mundane egg can only be acquired during play, it cannot be “bought” at creation. The CP cost must still be paid if someone wishes to use the egg.

The Stone of Scone

Sadly rather hard for a pastry. The Stone of Scone is currently controlled by the British Royal Family but stored in Scotland. The stone is actually the bottom rung of the oldest extant Jacob’s Ladder. Still there may be a rock troll or two around who still thinks Celestial Magic tastes of clotted cream. Best be careful whom you invite.

Jacob’s Ladders

  • Song of Transfiguration/Variable
  • Extremely Bulky & Hard to Move
  • Cost: 4CP/level – 3 (minimum 2)

Forbidden Fruit

One could attempt a compote or tart, but most acknowledge that forbidden fruit are outre enough on their own. That said, knowledge of good and evil can make for some fascinating conversation.

Forbidden Fruit

  • Same effect as Malakite resonance
  • Usable by humans
  • Activation TN: Celestial Forces + Level
  • Single Use
  • Disturbance: CD
  • Cost: 1CP/level

Note: spending the CP is not enough, a PC must be on good terms with someone who still has access to the Garden of Eden.

Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness

No one in heaven or hell is quite sure if the modern Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness is the original blend. Mariel is said to have gotten the recipe from one of her Ethereal allies, and Haagenti then secured it from her vaults, but no one is quite sure where it ended up.

Meng Po has a recipe, but hers is particularly potent.

Five Flavored Tea

  • Wipes out all memories, resisted by Intelligence + Forces from native realm.
  • Cannot be “purchased,” only usable by those who have assembled the ingredients themselves
  • Requires 4 “rare” substances, one “extremely rare” substance, and a cooking or herbalism roll with a CD of 6. In addition, finding the recipe should be an adventure in its own right.


For those who dislike tea, the nectar of the gods may be a suitable substitute. Many regional variations exist. Ambrosia is most common in the Mediterranean, but Soma and Amrita become more popular as you head towards the subcontinent.

Immortality Potion

  • See Liber Reliquarum pg 64