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Yves‘ Ivory Council is arguably the most influential deliberative body in heaven after the Seraphim Council itself. The Council is typically divided into three parts: The Division of Corporeal Affairs, The Division of Ethereal Affairs, and The Division of Celestial Affairs. However, plenary sessions are not unheard of.

While the Ivory Council has no direct authority, their debates inform Destiny and the Chair of each Division is an ex-officio member of the Seraphim Council.

In total, Yves has named about 180 Angels to the Ivory Council. Roughly 80% of those are active at any one time. Yves has also invited Dominic to nominate 3 Masters to the Council (to advise each Division on relevant matters of Divine Law), and each other Archangel to nominate 1 Master to the Council. These nominations must meet with Yves approval before they can be seated, and are typically granted an Honorary Philosopher distinction so that the body will continue to be comprised entirely of Scholars and Philosophers.

Because Yves has yet to recognize any Malakite as either a Scholar or Philospher, there are none on the Ivory Council. Virtues nominated by other Superiors will always be rejected from the Council so as not to slight Tarshish, Yves’ most senior Malakite.

Division Chairs

The Division Chairs are voted on by the combined Ivory Council and serve as both voice and facilitator for their respective Division. There are no fixed terms, but most step down after a century or two of service.

Chairs can also be removed by Trauma, the Fall, a vote of no-confidence from within their Division, or direct action by Yves.

Current Chairs

Note, these are just the divine Scholars that I think would be coordinating the respective Ivory Council Divisions based on the current game state. Feel free to replace them with other senior servitors of Yves if that better fits your game.

Lebatei, Kyriotate Angel & Philosopher of Pluralism, Ivory Councilor, Chair of the Celestial Affairs Division

Teiaiel, Ofanite Angel of the Future, Scholar of New Horizons, Ivory Councilor, Chair of the Ethereal Affairs Division

Aftiel, Cherub Angel of Twilight, Philosopher of Eschatology, Ivory Councilor, Chair of the Corporeal Affairs Division

Honorary Scholars

These are the angels that I believe the other Archangels would have sent to represent their interests on the Ivory Council. Although I have called them out specifically, they hold no greater importance than any of the 45-70 Philosophers of Yves in each Division.

Celestial Affairs Division

Setheus, Seraph Master Warden of Law, Bailiff of the Ivory Council (nominated by Dominic)

Atembui, Cherub Angel of the Tree of Life, Master of Peace (nominated by Novalis)

Ublisi, Elohite Angel of Apologetics, Colonel of the Armies of Heaven (nominated by Lawrence)

Anfal, Elohite Angel of the Bounty of War, Hero at Badr, Friend of the Divine Spark, Master of Valor (nominated by Michael)

Phaldor, Mercurian Angel of Oracles, Master of the Flame of Heaven (nominated by Soldekai for Gabriel)

Ethereal Affairs Division

Hyoooooooo, Seraph Master of Motion, Intercardinal of Unearthly Winds (nominated by Janus)

Mendrion, Ofanite Angel of the Dreams of Philosophers, Master Sentinel of the Realms of Night (nominated by Blandine)

Elyon, Elohite Angel of the 1st Commandment, Master Inquisitor of Law (nominated by Dominic)

Kuoshabel, Mercurian Angel of Theory, Master of the Machine (nominated by Jean)

Corporeal Affairs Division

Einar, Seraph Angel of Jurisprudence, Master of Law (nominated by Dominic)

Muaquib, Cherub Angel of Allamah, Master of the Word of God (nominated by Khalid)

Butator, Elohite Angel of Calculation, Master of Finance (nominated by Marc)

Patspetsiyah, Elohite Angel of the Search for the Name of God, Master Seeker of Discovery (nominated Lithroy)

Ziquiel, Elohite Angel of Meteors, Master of Planetary Alignment (nominated by David)

Vacant and At Large

Not everyone has named an angel to the Ivory Council. Here are the notable exceptions.


The Archangel of Creation has not nominated any angel to the Ivory Council since he abandoned his heavenly cathedral.


The Archangel of Animals formally withdrew the Mercurian Angel of Neanderthals from the Ivory Council after the Eden experiment and never formally nominated a replacement. However, the Kyriotate Angel of Cockroaches has been known to make appearances in one form or another to remind the council of Jordi’s displeasure with the primacy of humans.


The Archangel of Children has never sent an angel to the Ivory Council, but he has sent the soul of a child (who he replaces after 5-10 years). This caused quite a stir when Christopher first named his representative, but is now accepted as part of the regular procedure. Each soul may select which division to serve in when it arrives.