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Seal of GabrielOther Angels of Gabriel may be messenger’s of God’s righteous anger at the harm that they inflict, but Lucerna is really just interested in bringing a bit of joy and color into everyone’s lives.

Lucerna will not avoid a fight with hell if one is brewing, but even then their first impulse will be to warn away any humans who might get caught in the crossfire while signaling to potential allies what is going on.

Lucerna, Mercuiran of Gabriel

Angel of Fireworks

Corporeal Forces: 6 [Str 12, Agi 12]
Ethereal Forces: 4 [Int 8, Pre 8]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 6, Per 10]
Word Forces: 6

Vessel: Human/1
Role: Pyrotechnician 3/4

Songs: Artifact (Ethereal/2, Celestial/2), Cacophony (Corporeal/4, Celestial/4), Calling (Corporeal/3), Direction (Corporeal/4), Entropy (Corporeal/2), Fire (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/4, Celestial/4), Light (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/5), Nemesis (Corporeal/3), Nimbus (Corporeal/2), Numinous Corpus (Barbs/3), Sensation (Ethereal/4)

Skills: Artistry (Fireworks/6), Chemistry/4, Dodge/4, Emote/2, Engineering/3, Firefighting/3, Heavy Weapon (Mortars/3), Move Silently/2, Savoire Faire/1


  • Mercurian of Fire
  • Mercurian of Flowers
  • Malakite of Wind


  • Vassal of Fire
  • Friend of the Divine Spark
  • Master of the Flame of Heaven

Special Rite

  • Watch a half-hour fireworks display