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kobalMost Shedim try to cultivate their hosts over time, stretching out the human’s moral degradation over weeks or months if possible. That’s not Michael’s style (at least, not when he can be seen).

“Crazy 8s” Demas prefers to come in hard, ruin someone’s life, and move on before anyone has even realized that the demon’s host is behaving differently. It’s a kind of performance art, something to make other demons chuckle at the frailty and malleability of the humans that god would have put over them.

But while “Crazy 8s” seems reckless, the monster is exceptionally skilled at going to ground, and has hid some other Shedim so well that even centuries later Djinn cannot find them. The beast’s toolkit is known to consist of the song of Revultion and a network of humans who have been cultivated to act as long term hosts.

Any other tricks of the trade are kept under Michael’s frequently changing hat.

Michael Demas

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str 4, Agi 8]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int 3, Pre 5]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 10, Per 6]

Songs: Charm (Celestial/2), Darkness (Corporeal/2), Draining (Celestial/1), Nemesis (Ethereal/1), Revultion (Celestial/3), Symbiosis (Corporeal/3)

Skills: Acrobatics/4, Detect Lies/4, Dodge/4, Emote/3, Escape/3, Fast Talk/2, Lying/4, Fighting/4, Seduction/2

Sigil of Asmoday - GoetiaAttunements

  • Shedite of Dark Humor
  • Shedite of The Game


  • Permanent Human Host 4/1


  • Murderous/3