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Vapula is at it again. A number of dreamers, especially those working with computers and AI have been having dreams of demonic computers acting independently to create a dystopian technofuture.

Given the target and recurring nature of the dreams, angels of Blandine and Jean are particularly likely to take note, though others may have an interest as well.

As for what’s going on: Vapula has been working on coding new demons as software so that they can be installed on corporeal computers and take them over as vessels (without the usual investment in Essence that creating a vessel requires). The project has recently entered the beta testing phase with the dreams of technologists and programmers serving as the testbed.

Intercepting one of these demons may allow the angelic party to wrest it’s source code out of the dream state and into heaven where Jean may be able to come up with a way to harden reality against it.

Of course, wait too long and Vapula may be able to move on to corporeal experiments – or worse still, one of the dreamers may attempt to replicate the code directly in the corporeal realm before the critical errors have been worked out.