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The Tsayadite Eutecta has left the Ethereal Realm, and is heaven bent on creating an Earthly paradise worthy of Uriel.

First she freezes the heart of the worthy to ensure they will not change. While they remain moral, they also become incapable of growth. Eutecta knows that this is an untenable situation, and against the will of the almighty in the long term, but it makes it easier for her to find and eject those who are not worthy.

These purges will be small at first – street criminals, wage thieves, folks that Eutecta believes will not be missed. Depending on the party, she may even be right.

However, around this time she will also start bleeding color from the world. Whites will get a little big brighter, blemishes less noticeable, shadows not as dark, and eventually the myriad hues of the world will start to look bleached.

If not stopped, Christmas shall be entirely white and driven almost entirely by a scripted version of goodness and family. If Eutecta is allowed to get this far, her location will become a beach head for additional Tsayadim to enter the Corporeal realm.