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Thank you Bryan Gustafson for the song suggestion.

A force of demons led by a powerful if relatively unknown servitor of Mammon (and backed by Baal) is making a play to colonize and privatize the sun. They have already captured or otherwise contained Galgaliel and destabilized Gabriel’s tether.

Should the party do nothing at all, hell will succeed; temporarily blacking out the sun. Only regions that return to their old sun rites (and whose native gods have come to an arrangement with the sun’s occupiers) will have access to its light. Others will be forced to rely upon fossil fuels as their crops begin to wither and their food chains collapse.

PC Adventures could include any of the following

To Adapt to the Issue

  • Gather and deliver essence to a local sun god (may require using that god’s rites)
  • Enter into negotiations with Hell/Mammon for a more direct transfer of essence in exchange for sunlight.

To Resolve the Issue

  • Rescue Galgaliel
  • Re-consecrate Gabriel’s Tether on the sun’s surface
  • Convince a Sun God to allow heaven’s forces to stage through one of their tethers en masse
  • Create or emplace a false sun until the true sun can be liberated


While this apocalyptic scenario could be kicked off at any time, an eclipse or winter solstice would be most appropriate.

Let’s You and Him Fight

It is worth remembering that Baal’s word is not War but The War. Even if the Servitor of Mammon is defeated, Baal is likely to get a lot of essence and a new tether out of the battle to liberate the sun.